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"Now watch as I twist this into the shape of a balloon. "
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Greg Curtis Vote score: 8021Greg Curtis

"Now watch as I twist this into 'the shape of a balloon.' "

23/11/21 0:06:06

James Lennox Vote score: 12605James Lennox

Many people who give up captioning go on to live productive and fulfilling lives.

22/11/21 20:09:22

Hang on, people give up captioning? --Al Overy
Al Overy Vote score: 14187Al Overy

"Looks like you've just blown an elephant there!"

"No, that's just er... Brylcreem on my moustache."

22/11/21 22:19:52

The Wolf Vote score: 16735The Wolf

Dave ended up having a very successful career as a designer for Ann Summers.

22/11/21 20:10:53

Mark Wilson Vote score: 4752Mark Wilson

Walt Disney's first animation film wasn't great

22/11/21 22:10:04

Generic RedHead Vote score: 1020Generic RedHead

"Hi, my name is Walt, I'm 42 and i like my relationships how I like my balloons, no strings attached. Looking forward to reading your messages.

23/11/21 0:15:36

Dave Bryan Vote score: 23637Dave Bryan

Sadly, his balloon business went bust owing to inflationary pressures.

22/11/21 20:18:37

alexandra ball Vote score: 2005alexandra ball

Tonys wife gave him an ultimatum, her or his balloon fascination so, ta da!

22/11/21 20:02:13

Barrie Bullock Vote score: 846Barrie Bullock


23/11/21 14:26:50

Scrijjy Doo Vote score: 6109Scrijjy Doo

Who says colonoscopies can't be fun?!

22/11/21 20:44:05

Dot Old Vote score: 2011Dot Old

♪ Let's Twist Again

22/11/21 20:26:00

The Wolf Vote score: 16735The Wolf

"Sir, could you please just tell me what room my mum is in? What you've done here is very impressive but hardly appropriate for a funeral home."

22/11/21 20:00:41

Stu Dent Vote score: 5620Stu Dent

You been waiting long

22/11/21 20:00:20

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