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"No, I will NOT be having a little brother!"
"No, I will NOT be having a little brother!" photo | portfolio
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Al Overy Vote score: 9019Al Overy

"No, I will NOT be having a little brother!"

26/11/21 12:00:13

Dave Bryan Vote score: 17998Dave Bryan

''What was that you were saying about women's football, daddy?''

26/11/21 12:17:40

"I was floating the idea of what mixed gender football might be like. It was in no way a criticism of the female empowerment movement, I know how far you've come in your struggle against the football patriachy"  --Glyn Evans
Vivvy En Vote score: 8570Vivvy En

"That's for not buying me PINK trainers."

26/11/21 12:02:53

Guideaux . Vote score: 2343Guideaux .

"New balls please".

26/11/21 20:06:08

C CaMel Vote score: 8061C CaMel

“Since she took up javelin I’ve never looked back, or walked for that matter.”

26/11/21 17:45:49

Mark Wilson Vote score: 4001Mark Wilson

You will dance like Mr Bean

26/11/21 17:25:22

C CaMel Vote score: 8061C CaMel

“Mitre lowered his sperm count.”

26/11/21 12:01:35

alexandra ball Vote score: 1516alexandra ball

That's a foul ball.

26/11/21 16:36:23

Hercules  Rockefeller Vote score: 8898Hercules Rockefeller

"Stranger danger!"

26/11/21 14:49:01

Chris Keegan Vote score: 11189Chris Keegan

Samantha suddenly realised why her mum said Dave wasn’t a good catch.

26/11/21 14:33:19

Ian Skelding Vote score: 26679Ian Skelding

Block and tackle.

26/11/21 13:01:44

John Llamas Vote score: 20230John Llamas

“Beautiful skill this one Tony …. if we just slow it down you’ll see that Dad does really well to avoid the handball and get his head on it ….”

26/11/21 12:26:43

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