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James Lennox Vote score: 16325James Lennox

"Ma'am, I'd like to help fix your flat tyre, but I believe travelling alone in a high octane 6.2 litre V8 truck, when you could be driving a small electric vehicle, carpooling, or using public transport, is totally irresponsible and endangers the very planet we live on."

"I'll show you my boobs."

"Where's your jack?"

18/11/21 13:17:02

I'll show you mine if you show me yours. --Willie Johnson
C CaMel Vote score: 12668C CaMel

“You can almost see the rim.”

18/11/21 12:03:29

The Wolf Vote score: 21482The Wolf

"It's nearly bald madam."

"Yeah I can see. What razor do you use?"

18/11/21 12:05:58

Ryan F Vote score: 369Ryan F

"I see the problem You have a huge crack."

18/11/21 12:36:35

Tosser Wivlov Vote score: 6766Tosser Wivlov

"Can you see my tool anywhere."
"No, just your arse."

18/11/21 12:30:55

Dave Bryan Vote score: 29747Dave Bryan


''After I've finished fitting the tyre, would you like to go for a drink?''

18/11/21 12:09:39

The Wolf Vote score: 21482The Wolf

The fast and the furry arse.

18/11/21 12:54:49

The Wolf Vote score: 21482The Wolf

"You're the third person in a pickup truck to slowly drive past me in the last five minutes. Can't a man have a crap in peace?"

18/11/21 12:26:11

Ian Skelding Vote score: 32006Ian Skelding

"Tsk, tsk, just as I thought Lady, you need a new engine."

18/11/21 12:14:46

Neil Mackenzie Vote score: 14791Neil Mackenzie

She had expected the Tyreman to be fitter.

18/11/21 19:42:42

Michael Winner Vote score: 25610Michael Winner

'Tyres fitted, and bicycle parking'.

18/11/21 13:44:20

Al Overy Vote score: 17722Al Overy

"Thanks for fixing my tyre. By the way, are you an off duty cop?"

"I am Miss, how did you know?"

"I caught a glimpse of your Sheriff's Badge."

18/11/21 12:50:04

Mr Dome  Vote score: 16800Mr Dome

After the road rage incident things Escaladed quickly

18/11/21 12:47:04

Tosser Wivlov Vote score: 6766Tosser Wivlov

"I think I'm geting to the bottom of the problem."
"Mate, the bottom is the problem."

18/11/21 12:28:21

Karyn Harrison Vote score: 9232Karyn Harrison

Crack à Jack

18/11/21 12:20:43

The Wolf Vote score: 21482The Wolf

"I'm struggling to get the nuts out."

"Just stand up and I'm sure they'll come out."

18/11/21 12:10:49

Hercules  Rockefeller Vote score: 12527Hercules Rockefeller

"If you can't change your underwear, then you probably can't change a tire either."

18/11/21 12:02:56

Karyn Harrison Vote score: 9232Karyn Harrison

That's really Bad Manners!

18/11/21 12:01:49

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