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…..…and he definitely will be if he eats that ‘decorative’ raw chicken kiev.
…..…and he definitely will be if he eats that ‘decorative’ raw chicken kiev. photo | portfolio
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Karen Oakenfull Vote score: 2298Karen Oakenfull

…..…and he definitely will be if he eats that ‘decorative’ raw chicken kiev.

19/11/21 8:02:40

Dave Bryan Vote score: 17974Dave Bryan

When he became an adult Vincent started to hate his large, deformed ear and, eventually, he cut it off.

19/11/21 8:14:47

Dave Bryan Vote score: 17974Dave Bryan

The photo of the cake knife sticking out of Vincent's neck was even more awkward.

19/11/21 8:04:01

Ian Skelding Vote score: 26653Ian Skelding

"It's my party and I'll die if I want to."

19/11/21 8:34:32

Crunchy Chords Vote score: 5410Crunchy Chords

Yes, I was jealous that my brother got a cake. But what really pissed me off was that, long after the barber shops had reopened, Mum refused to give up her Covid-era clippers.

19/11/21 14:22:34

Al Overy Vote score: 9010Al Overy

"Now, kids, Vincent would have been 5 years old today, so if you'll each just place a finger on the edge of the board..."


19/11/21 10:41:12

Chris Beach Vote score: 414Chris Beach

“And your heads look like little planets too, how adorable!”

19/11/21 8:02:31

Mark Wilson Vote score: 3994Mark Wilson

Yet another bad photo to explain that Mum cut your hair when growing up, thought Ryan

19/11/21 8:32:50

Neil Mackenzie Vote score: 12401Neil Mackenzie

We had to hang the cupcakes up because there was not enough space on the table.

19/11/21 10:55:32

Tony Edwards Vote score: 34791Tony Edwards

His jealous brother, on the other hand, is very much of this world.

19/11/21 10:21:53

Scrijjy Doo Vote score: 4327Scrijjy Doo

Going Away Party

19/11/21 10:02:31

Chris Keegan Vote score: 11184Chris Keegan

Vincent soon felt he was out of this world when he realised was absolutely no atmosphere at his party.

19/11/21 9:35:59

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