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What have you got to say for yourself?  Meow.
What have you got to say for yourself?  Meow. photo | portfolio
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''What have you got to say for yourself?''


Fri 12:09:02


I assume I’m no longer favourite?

Fri 12:34:27


“Don’t worry shergar, I know a fantastic glue recipe.”

Fri 12:05:13

"Nice! I could get into that." --Willie Johnson

On a positive note, The Nag's Head pub now had a 3D sign.

Fri 13:22:04


I forgot my don key

Fri 12:18:03

I can remember the original from The Beano:Which key won't fit any lock?A donkey. --Dave Bryan

"Help me Angela. I've got myself into a bit of a flap!"

Fri 12:00:20


Red Ram.

Fri 17:46:02


"That cat of yours has some serious anger issues"

Fri 14:59:45


"Poor Dobbin. Had an accident with our door and broke his leg meaning he had to be put down."

"What? My legs are fine."

"Shush. I'm thinking what I'm gonna tell the kids."

Fri 13:03:10


"Trick or treat?"

Fri 12:38:33


"Please don't say 'Why the long face?' I'm not in the mood."

Fri 12:32:44


"Well I knocked, but nobody answered."

Fri 12:26:50


It wasn't a stable door

Fri 23:21:44


Pin the blame on the donkey.

Fri 13:52:02


"Sorry Julie, I didn't know you'd called in sick today and you were in bed. Is the cat around?"

Fri 12:55:42


"It wasn't me!"

Fri 12:02:01


"Stop panicking, there's no need to get into a flap"

Fri 12:01:31

I do --Glyn Evans

“Well, you’re clearly not racing at Goodwood today.”

Fri 12:00:53


I thought I need a frame for my photo finish.

Fri 20:41:50


*Windows has experienced a problem and needs to shut down*

Fri 17:05:05


It wasn't the first time that Sue's back door had been smashed in.

Fri 16:36:25


"Hay Neigh-bour"

Fri 15:31:59


“Don’t just stand out there in the cold, go away!”

Fri 15:24:36


Apparently the woman who married a horse on the Jerry Springer Show has filed for divorce.

Fri 15:21:17


"Could you wait till I've fully left before slamming the door on me"

Fri 15:02:07


I've been framed!

Fri 14:06:28


- Dave! It's 6 am and you've been out all night. WTF happened?
- I just met up with the lads for a few beers after and had to walk home after losing my jacket with my keys and wallet in the pocket. When I got home I banged on the door and shouted at you through the dogflap for ages to try to wake you but you didn't and now I'm a little hoarse

Fri 13:28:59


"Sharon, it's the stablehand's fault. He said you have really big flaps."

Fri 13:08:27


There comes a time when My Little Pony needs a home of his own.

Fri 12:55:22


"Hi, Neeeighbourhood Watch here, just checking your security. Your door's not strong enough."

Fri 12:35:24



Fri 12:32:56


Bad mare day

Fri 12:29:22


"Oh my goodness Mittens, what has Erwin done to you now?!" said Mrs Schrödinger.

Fri 12:11:06


Clippity clot

Fri 12:10:30


"You're in bad shape."

Fri 12:05:42


"You silly ass!"

Fri 12:04:20


I shall complain to the ASA about Amazon's advertising.

Fri 12:03:37


Hoof been framed.

Fri 12:00:56


Look what the cat nagged in.

Fri 12:00:45


If you think that looks bad, you should see the jockey.

Fri 12:00:18

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