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No social distancing, no face masks, someone is bound to catch something.
No social distancing, no face masks, someone is bound to catch something. photo | portfolio
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No social distancing, no face masks, someone is bound to catch something.

new entrySun 12:29:05


There was never a dull moment watching Alex Higgins play snooker.

new entrySun 12:05:34


It was a catch 22 situation, all 22 of them wanted to catch the ball.

new entrySun 12:43:39


Caught on camera

new entrySun 12:09:06


Of course captioneers would never compete like this to be first to put on a caption...

new entrySun 12:01:13


Typical, free seats in the grandstand, I just knew there had to be a catch.

new entrySun 12:00:09


Rebel Without a Coors

new entrySun 19:57:53

Like it! --Al Overy

"I thought you said you were taking the cat to the baseball game."

"No. I said we'd take our mittens."

new entrySun 14:14:47


Never piss off Novak Djokovic.

new entrySun 12:58:33


"Get in the hole! get in the hole."

new entrySun 12:50:18


"Wow!! How is she making that ball levitate?"

new entrySun 12:39:46


Half of them want to catch the ball. The other half are reacting to the man on the left's armpit odour.

new entrySun 12:38:24


"Free head injury with every ticket."

new entrySun 12:05:39


"You shouldn't have insulted the ice cream scooper"

new entrySun 12:01:27


I could be wrong, but are you supposed to throw the ball back into play?

new entry8:36:27


The Catcher 'n' the Pie.

new entrySun 15:59:21


Marion clearly thinks it's a dough ball.

new entrySun 14:59:58


It's not the first time Susan has been hit in the face by a ball or two.

new entrySun 14:18:11


Reports are coming is stating a woman has been rushed to hospital with a baseball wedged in her mouth. Apparently her husband is pleading with doctors to keep it in place.

new entrySun 13:05:25


A baseball hurled into the crowd stopped them singing Let’s go Brandon.

new entrySun 12:37:09


''Oh no! I'll never catch it.''

''Don't worry, the umpire has signalled no ball.''

new entrySun 12:35:10


"I don't care what you caught at the game today you can call the STI clinic yourself this time."

new entrySun 12:31:10


You have to be brave to catch a ping pong ball at a Stucky Vicky stage show.

new entrySun 12:20:11


Spot the Brit

new entrySun 12:11:39


The only possible way to make baseball interesting is to introduce random grenades to keep the crowd on their toes.

new entrySun 12:07:59


The Red Sox need all the help they can get.

new entrySun 12:05:57

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