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"Id prefer a death roll."
"Id prefer a death roll." photo | portfolio
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"I'd prefer a death roll."

Sat 8:07:40

Have you tasted them? --Willie Johnson

''That's a stroke of luck. The cockatoo has dropped his can of Pepsi.''

Sat 8:01:00


It's always someone who eats 14 burgers that gets a diet Pepsi.

Sat 8:15:58


Chris did warn us ads were coming to, but this product placement is getting bloody ridiculous.

Sat 8:02:18

I must admit that is a nice drinks cooler --Glyn Evans

Croc 'n' roll

Sat 8:43:39


Not the first time he's eaten Five Guys.

Sat 8:17:43


"Eurggh. Marmite!"

Sat 9:08:18


And this is the reason there will be no more OnAdventureWithDad photos

Sat 8:23:18

Or maybe not. Everything will come out in the end. --Willie Johnson

''Do you like fast food?''

''As long as it isn't faster than me.''

Sat 8:11:21


Picnic at Hanging Croc

Sat 9:47:36


Things changed dramatically after Yogi Bear retired.

Sat 11:22:19


''I thought you were going to Frankie and Benny's for lunch?''

''I did but they weren't very filling.''

Sat 8:20:20


I have lost 6 stone since I started the crocodile diet. When I start to eat the crocodile arrives I run a mile shit myself and he eats my meal.

Sat 8:19:37


"Crocodiles having survived since prehistoric times have started dying out after the crocodile obesity rate sky rocketed"

Sat 8:07:13


Puts a whole new spin on crockery

Sat 8:04:40


The Crocodile Who Came To Tea

Sat 8:03:04


"You're not you when you're hungry."

Sat 9:53:26


Hamburger Kill

Sat 9:49:26


“I’ve gained a little weight on the scales.”

Sat 9:47:47


Dying of a Wimpy Kid

Sat 9:42:58


Henry that's all the food we've with us today!!
Well Gwen, are you going to tell it?

Sat 9:20:28


I came up with a caption about him becoming constipated but it was a croc of sh*t.

Sat 9:17:33


''I've got so fat eating all this junk food I've broken my scales.''

Sat 9:08:00


"Serves you right. I told you just bring some cheese rolls but no, "I wanna try some exotic meat" you said. Well, I bet that's the last time you have a Wildebeest roll"

Sat 9:04:47


Crocodiles haven't evolved for the last 55 million years, and, coincidentally, McDonalds won't evolve for the next 55 million years.

Sat 8:32:39


"Hey, leave one for Shirley!"

Sat 8:22:04


He's just come for some snap

Sat 8:19:54


Urgh, gherkins.

Sat 8:16:51


I loved the picnic but wish we had taken the cool box to keep the food in instead of her crocodile skin handbag

Sat 8:16:44


"Dave. I have had a call from the zoo keeper asking if you have put the signs for the picnic area up in the right zone."

Sat 8:14:33



Sat 8:10:58


Ray Croc

Sat 8:07:02


"Can I get a doggy bag please?"

Sat 8:01:55


Crocodile Bundee

Sat 8:00:24


"Don't worry about Lacoste, I'm paying!"

Sat 8:00:10


"Je voudrais un Croc Monsieur."

Sat 8:00:07


Snappy Meal

Sat 8:00:06

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