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C CaMel Vote score: 12686C CaMel

“You may have a sore arm for a few days madam, and so will I.”

14/10/21 7:19:21

The Wolf Vote score: 21506The Wolf

"Spiderman, what are you doing here?"

"I don't know, there seems to have been a misunderstanding. Some bloke outside shouted 'HEY, GO INSIDE THAT TENT AND CHECK OUT THOSE BAD BOYS'..."

14/10/21 7:13:36

Neil Mackenzie Vote score: 14791Neil Mackenzie

Peter wished he’d worn his baggy jeans, tight Lycra and unexpected erection can be difficult to conceal. He had to fake feeling dizzy and sit there for ten minutes after she left.

14/10/21 9:15:49

He was glued to his seat. --Willie Johnson
James Lennox Vote score: 16340James Lennox

Psychological Evaluation Test, Question 3: Who did you notice first?

A. Spiderman
B. The girl with big boobs
C. Margaret Thatcher riding a flamingo

14/10/21 7:11:29

My eyes aren't that good sometimes. Here's what I noticed, in order: 1. Spiderman's next to a Christmas tree.2. That's not a Christmas tree. 3. Whoa! --Willie Johnson
Hercules  Rockefeller Vote score: 12529Hercules Rockefeller

"Oh, God. I think I just webbed myself."

14/10/21 7:02:49

Stephen Bean Vote score: 35235Stephen Bean

Took me over 10 minutes to notice Spiderman.

14/10/21 7:00:10

Mark Wilson Vote score: 5137Mark Wilson

"Hello Mum, can't speak having my 14th jab, yeah I thought it was 2 but for some reason the guys keep on asking me to come back"

14/10/21 9:16:51

The Wolf Vote score: 21506The Wolf

Breaking News. Spiderman has vaccine whilst sitting behind super intelligent female with beautiful personality.

14/10/21 7:17:23

Dave Bryan Vote score: 29759Dave Bryan

''The amount of unfair criticism Spiderman has received from the anti-vaxers makes me very angry. I'd like to get my hands on those knockers.''

14/10/21 7:14:01

Hercules  Rockefeller Vote score: 12529Hercules Rockefeller

"That tingling sensation you're gonna be feeling more than likely won't be your Spidey sense."

14/10/21 7:04:56

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