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I like photos. Theres no sound.
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I like photos. There's no sound.

Sat 12:15:56


BREAKING: Ed Sheeran teams up with The Wolf to turn some of his best captions into songs, starting with everyone's favourite 'No wonder my Nan's in a wheelchair'.

Sat 14:23:06


It's very important that Ed doesn't see the fourth word on that T-shirt.

Sat 12:12:00

It could lead to bad habits --Glyn Evans

Werewolves should only be approached gingerly.

Sat 12:39:57

They'll snap at you. --Willie Johnson

Quite bizarrely, when it came to prizes for best fancy dress some bloke in a zombie rabbit outfit came first and Dave came second as Ed Sheeran.

Sat 12:01:25


Justin Bieber's not aged well.

Sat 16:11:45


This photo doesn't add up, neither does it multiply or divide....

Sat 17:27:32


Considering his limited songwriting ability and total lack of charisma, it's amazing how he always manages to attract the big bucks.

Sat 12:01:22


Speaking about his new duets album, Ed said he hardly recognised Adele after her weight loss

Sat 19:47:35


- Do you know how stupid you look?
- No but if you hum it I'm sure I'll pick it up

Sat 16:29:12



''The bunny has potential but I don't think they work as a double act.''

Sat 12:40:14


The Verse of the Were-rabbit

Sat 12:15:39


I'm overwhelmed, never meet your idols, said Ed!

Sat 12:01:44


A wolf in Sheeran's clothing

Sat 12:00:06


We ask will dogs at least be seen with Gingers.

Sun 10:53:08


A celebrity greet & eat

Sun 2:03:20


"After 50 years, Captain Kangaroo has been reincarnated."
"Which one is Captain Kangaroo?"
"I'll have to get back to you on that."

Sat 20:16:46


Watford Football Club introduce their weird looking new new mascot, Ed Sheeran.

Sat 19:18:52


Bloke in a costume poses next to Charlie Drake.

Sat 15:57:43


“I need a couple of Halloween costumes, not the scariest of all time but both need to be in the top 10.”

Sat 14:59:24



Sat 14:38:18


Me and my wooden git are having fun, said the rabbit

Sat 14:23:25


'Mad rabbits lean on you'

Sat 13:41:47


"OK, Ed's going to do some swing now."
"I don't swing."
"You will when we put your head in that noose."

Sat 13:26:42


Stylist: "It's a good outfit. I just don't like the bright mop of hair"
Ed:"Shall we cut it off?"
Stylist: That's very sporting of you, but we can just get you a hat"

Sat 12:24:00


''Ed, could you stop photobombing?''

Sat 12:23:04


Which one needs his 'ead shearing

Sat 12:16:17


''I'm a talking rabbit.''

''Big deal, I'm Mr Ed.''

Sat 12:14:46


The Wolf of Wail Street

Sat 12:03:04

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