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Dan Nicholls Vote score: 16242Dan Nicholls


07/10/21 8:35:34

Ian Skelding Vote score: 26231Ian Skelding

A Border Terror.

07/10/21 8:15:26

Al Overy Vote score: 8218Al Overy

"I don't know exactly what type of dog he is but, judging by the face, he's definitely a cross breed."

07/10/21 8:00:44

Al Overy Vote score: 8218Al Overy

"I see you've met Mr Punch?"

"Yes. Twice."

07/10/21 8:01:24

Al Overy Vote score: 8218Al Overy

Rex was NOT enjoying his role in Timmy's puppet show.

07/10/21 8:00:17

Rex it for me as well. --Willie Johnson
alexandra ball Vote score: 1450alexandra ball

Nosey barker.

07/10/21 14:57:37

C CaMel Vote score: 7674C CaMel

“Excuse me have you seen my cat, I’m trying to kill, I mean find it?”

07/10/21 8:51:53

Al Overy Vote score: 8218Al Overy

Border Collie

07/10/21 8:00:23

Stephen Bean Vote score: 19331Stephen Bean

When your neighbour is having a barbecue but doesn't invite you over.

07/10/21 9:51:22

Neil Mackenzie Vote score: 12244Neil Mackenzie

Old Lag to young accomplice:- We don’t go near that house it’s too dangerous.
Why because of that little dog?
Last time I was round this way I spotted an open window. That little dog was watching me but I’d seen the owners go off to work. I got over the six foot fence and that is when I found that the little dog was stood on the Doberman who in turn was stood on the Rottweiler who was stood on the Bull Mastiff.

07/10/21 8:22:36

Karen Oakenfull Vote score: 2187Karen Oakenfull

“I demand to know who put boot polish on the binoculars?!”

07/10/21 10:29:26

Mark Wilson Vote score: 3780Mark Wilson

"The house is lovely, it's really what we're looking to buy, what are the neighbours like?"

07/10/21 8:19:56

GeeDee Vote score: 2967GeeDee

GIVE me the Ball Brian

07/10/21 9:48:50

Stephen Bean Vote score: 19331Stephen Bean

Neighbourhood Watchdog

07/10/21 8:29:32

Hercules  Rockefeller Vote score: 8760Hercules Rockefeller

"Have you seen my human? If you hear anything, please keep me posted."

07/10/21 8:12:52

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