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Coma Dine with Me
Coma Dine with Me photo | portfolio
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Stephen Bean Vote score: 19334Stephen Bean

Coma Dine with Me

08/10/21 12:39:37

Dave Bryan Vote score: 17217Dave Bryan

''Don't eat it, Tom. They've already poisoned Peter.''

08/10/21 12:03:22

Chris Keegan Vote score: 10764Chris Keegan

Dave was remarkably young when he discovered you shouldn’t start drinking before lunchtime.

08/10/21 12:00:08

Mr Dome  Vote score: 12521Mr Dome


08/10/21 13:42:36

Steve Wright Vote score: 1854Steve Wright

Some say it's unethical and barbaric but snipers need to practice on live targets.

08/10/21 15:48:26

Well, people will insist on using child soldiers. You never start them out on the sniper rifles, when will parents learn!  --Glyn Evans
Scrijjy Doo Vote score: 4107Scrijjy Doo

Benadryl for Kids, Works Like A Charm

08/10/21 14:26:59

Lucky Elperro Vote score: 5698Lucky Elperro

"Please, not another covid update"

08/10/21 13:21:41

C CaMel Vote score: 7675C CaMel

ZZ Tot

08/10/21 12:35:06

Mark England Vote score: 19071Mark England

A fascinated toddler discovers that if thrown right, a plate of pasta can actually stick to the ceiling

08/10/21 12:06:32

Al Overy Vote score: 8220Al Overy

Pasta bedtime.

08/10/21 12:03:31

Stephen Bean Vote score: 19334Stephen Bean

"He was ok when I explained we'd have to make him a different meal because we'd run out of ingredients."

"It was when I started to blame Brexit."

08/10/21 12:56:08

Al Overy Vote score: 8220Al Overy

"I say don't draw on the walls, he draws on the walls. I say don't hit your sister, he hits his sister. I say don't eat those, they're horse tranquilisers..."

08/10/21 12:01:19

Karyn Harrison Vote score: 6425Karyn Harrison

Asleep at the meal

08/10/21 12:01:03

alexandra ball Vote score: 1450alexandra ball

Their sleeping medicine should be kicking in anytime soon.

08/10/21 14:04:39

Lucky Elperro Vote score: 5698Lucky Elperro

"I told you I could macaroni cheese could stick to the ceiling"

08/10/21 13:22:59

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