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Al Overy Vote score: 17035Al Overy

"Jane, we've been together a long time and, I hope I'm not asking too much but I know you love me, so... PLEASE MAY I SIPHON SOME OF YOUR PETROL?"

26/09/21 9:35:19

She said Yes! I'm so excited for them  --Glyn Evans
Dave Bryan Vote score: 28595Dave Bryan

''Will you stop pestering me. I'm not voting for your stupid captions.''

26/09/21 8:18:24

"Have no fear, I'll vote for his captions. That's what I'm here for." --Glyn Evans
Al Overy Vote score: 17035Al Overy

Lucy and this guy with diamonds.

26/09/21 8:00:08

Dan Nicholls Vote score: 18236Dan Nicholls


26/09/21 9:35:04

Chris Keegan Vote score: 14133Chris Keegan

"Please will you marry me so I will never think for myself again, take away any spontaneous things I want to do, hate all my friends and take me for everything when you divorce me? Only joking"

26/09/21 8:25:04

"You can do all the spontaneous things you want to, as long as you clear them with me beforehand and put them on my calendar." --Willie Johnson
Chris Keegan Vote score: 14133Chris Keegan

Please Alison, it's late and it's dark, I'm begging you, just give us a couple of quid for a bus home....Why? What did you think I was going to say?

26/09/21 8:04:26

Dave Bryan Vote score: 28595Dave Bryan

''I don't care if it is your birthday. My hemorrhoids are killing me.''

26/09/21 8:06:09

Hercules  Rockefeller Vote score: 12066Hercules Rockefeller

"Am I supposed to somehow be impressed by an empty box?"

26/09/21 8:01:53

It worked for her. --Scrijjy Doo
John  Glover Vote score: 23042John Glover

"This is bullshit Mike, remember I know you are transport manager for Tesco North West, and you suddenly show some romantic interest the day I get my HGV licence."

26/09/21 15:26:08

Kenny Ireland Vote score: 6120Kenny Ireland

"That is a big cluster".

26/09/21 9:15:19

Dave Bryan Vote score: 28595Dave Bryan

''Will you marry me.''

''I wouldn't marry you if you were the last man on earth.''

''You don't have to spare my feelings. Let me have it straight.''

26/09/21 8:31:27

"Actually, I AM the last man on earth." --Molly R
Al Overy Vote score: 17035Al Overy

Russell Grant said, according to the stars, this was the best time and place to ask for a blow job.

26/09/21 8:01:22

Mark England Vote score: 21337Mark England

"Somebody's stole my wheelchair so..Will you carry me?"

26/09/21 11:30:45

Mark Wilson Vote score: 5069Mark Wilson

"Look, it's a grasshopper"

26/09/21 9:15:41

Willie Johnson Vote score: 4182Willie Johnson

"It's 8:20 and the only votes are from Willie Johnson. I'm begging you, can you give just one of the captions a vote?"
(Nod to 8:18:24)

26/09/21 8:22:32

GeeDee Vote score: 2976GeeDee

Sorry mate I haven't got any change, only use cards these days

26/09/21 8:14:01

Glyn Evans Vote score: 11361Glyn Evans

"Please stop begging, who wouldn't want to be executed on a night like this?"

26/09/21 8:07:41

Molly R Vote score: 4194Molly R

"Er... no thanks, Dave."

26/09/21 8:00:12

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