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"Its no good Sir, Miss Giuffres legal representatives have spotted you."
"Its no good Sir, Miss Giuffres legal representatives have spotted you." photo | portfolio
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"It's no good Sir, Miss Giuffre's legal representatives have spotted you."

Thu 9:36:48


Air hostesses just aren't what they used to be

Thu 8:14:16


"Hi, my name's Dave. My favourite colour is brown. Also, I'm colour blind."

Thu 8:13:21


Note to self. When your new internet date says ‘why don’t I come over for the weekend’ establish their sexual preferences first.

Thu 10:44:49


Please welcome Nigel, our new CEO, who identifies as Strawberry Shortcake.

Thu 8:41:33


When Dave went to Brighton for the weekend, he had no problem pulling.......his luggage.

Thu 8:17:17


He's got some balls going out dressed like that.

Thu 8:02:28


Dominic Raab left parliament in disguise today, so as to avoid further embarrassment.

Thu 9:27:58


The years have not been kind to Strawberry Shortcake.

Thu 8:02:14


This week on 'Whatever Happened to...' we meet Stephanie from Lazy Town, several years after her transgender operation.

Thu 8:01:36


Government minister turns up for work in his girlfriends clothes after a cabinet reshuffle.

Thu 8:01:33


Trans women have really well trained pussies, Sylvester would of eaten that budgie.

Thu 9:45:07


Pink was delighted to be touring again.

Thu 9:27:24


In the office 'dress up as your colleague' day, Doncaster Dave came as Tina

Thu 9:20:09


He had been in the Mental Asylum for years until he learned to identify himself.
So he identified as a Transwomen, and they let her out?
No, one day he just told them he was Transsane.

Thu 9:13:42


Pretty (Awful) In Pink

Thu 8:04:17


Kay Peter

Thu 8:00:11


Easyjet rejects Wizzair's bid- "our cabin crew do better hen parties than yours".

new entrySat 22:28:56


Having failed to get the job as a lorry driver, Wayne was on his way for an interview for a vacancy at the local day nursery.

Thu 13:29:06


Dave is in the pink after his holiday to the Gayman Islands.

Thu 10:11:50


Rarely seen in public it's the weight loss queen Jenny Craig

Thu 9:20:27


Scotland's new first minister Rebecca Whynott says she will launch an inquiry as to why the population growth remains so small and the men mostly alcoholic.

Thu 8:56:17


Pink lady reunion.

Thu 8:56:07


"I've let myself go a bit since working from home"

Thu 8:56:04


''I don't have time to use a shampoo and put my trousers on.''

Thu 8:44:52


"I know it's embarrassing when one of your parents goes abroad for a sex change operation, but on return, I think my mum looks great."

Thu 8:38:01


It was refreshing to see a candidate that stood out before reaching Alan Sugar's board room.

Thu 8:34:53


"Waheeeeey, Dave's ready for the stag do."
"What stag do?"

Thu 8:29:24


Steve, you're not so moneysupermarket...

Thu 8:28:45


Flamingo smugglers. They're much easier to spot than budgie smugglers.

Thu 8:01:38

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