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With tits like that I simply had to give her a bow.
With tits like that I simply had to give her a bow. photo | portfolio
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With tits like that I simply had to give her a bow.

Fri 12:00:07


''You're very attractive. Do you ever get sexually harassed?''

''Sometimes they rub against me but I say to myself 'buoys will be buoys'.''

Fri 12:37:42

"Sometimes the birds shit on me and I say to myself gulls will be gulls."  --Glyn Evans

Everything is shipshape and Bristol fashion.

Fri 12:22:18


How did the tail wear away, Splinter Dick?

Fri 14:31:59



''Tina, keep the Spanish distracted while we load up the cannons.''

Fri 12:07:21


“Something I love about her, but I can’t put my finger on it.”

Sat 2:48:39


The difference between Mermaids and Women is Women avoid the scales.

Fri 18:59:53


"Is it a ship siren?"
"Hooters, definitely hooters."

Fri 13:27:27


"The reception is terrible, could you go out and move the Ariel around a bit."

Fri 12:48:35


Captain..."Do you think my sexual fantasies are strange?"
Sailor... "whatever floats your boat."

Fri 12:25:41


''She's only got herself to blame. We told her all the cabins were full.''

Fri 12:16:26


"What the carpenter doing,"
"He's just getting wood."

Fri 12:10:19


"Damn!" said Priti Patel. "I was hopin' to use Nadine to put off people crossin' the Channel."

new entrySat 23:00:57


Paralympics sailing. Sponsored by

new entrySat 22:25:03


Maiden Haste

Sat 2:47:19



Sat 2:45:07


She likes to keep abreast of things.

Fri 18:55:45


The Spanish Amanda

Fri 16:27:01



Fri 16:12:29


Put it away Captain, that's not how you christen a ship.

Fri 15:51:03


That lass has had too much to drink, she's legless & off her tits.

Fri 15:34:07


Nice body, shame about the boat.

Fri 15:18:05


I get confused with nautical terms so is the Port or starboard tit which is much smaller?

Fri 14:02:38


"Where are you going with that Anchor butter?"

Fri 13:50:56


"I find "all that sail her" offensive"
"It suggests that she's always full of seamen"

Fri 13:13:12


Not what I had in mind when I googled topless blond woman covered in oil

Fri 13:12:18


Pleasure cruise

Fri 13:02:10


"Come in number 69, your time is up!"

Fri 12:39:31


The Australian coast guard reports they have found the missing Tokyo 2020 open water Paralympic swimmer

Fri 12:34:21


''When they offered me the job they never told me we would be sailing down The Mersey.''

Fri 12:24:38


Naughty gal figurehead

Fri 12:15:18


A scene from Martin Scorcese's 'The Last Temptation Of The Little Mermaid'.

Fri 12:11:41


The Tittle Mermaid

Fri 12:10:43


She's nailed up there as a warning to the other mermaids.

Fri 12:10:27


Maiden voyage

Fri 12:03:03


"Won't somebody please throw me the Factor 50?"

Fri 12:00:16

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