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"Floor it- its the Peelers."
"Floor it- its the Peelers." photo | portfolio
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"Floor it- it's the Peelers."

new entrySat 12:20:08


Banger and mash

new entrySat 12:00:08


That's a tatty looking car

new entrySat 12:51:23


''I can hear 'Mull of Kintyre' coming from the back seat.''

''It must be the Maris Pipers.''

new entrySat 12:29:39


''Those of you in back keep an eye out for the police.''

new entrySat 12:09:52

"Keep an eye peeled." "Look at the kind of mash we're in, we'll have to make a bake for it." (They got away by the skin of their teeth.)  --Willie Johnson

"Oh good, the speed limit ends - I can really put my foot down!"

new entrySat 12:00:54


With all those potatoes it's no wonder he's carrying a spare tyre.

new entrySat 12:09:16


Crop Gear

new entrySat 12:00:24


"Must have a small cock" said Brendan Murphy, proud Irish farmer.

new entrySat 19:28:59


"Oh bollocks. I forgot to buy ketchup"

new entrySat 19:24:09


I'm not saying your car is dirty but...

new entrySat 14:45:06


Moments later it was involved in an accident, police reported it was the worst smash they'd ever seen.

new entrySat 13:00:09


"But you said fill the Lada..."

new entrySat 12:32:41


Chippy Chippy Bang Bang

new entrySat 12:23:46


"Mummm, why d'd'd 'did dad have to b'b'buy so many p'p'potatoes??"
- "Stop mumbling Tom and just concentrate on your breathing"

new entrySat 12:01:54


"The screen says RIGHT HERE you ordered 'the potato coup.'"

new entry2:52:05


These days,Jeremy and Diane ask journalists to give them some privacy.

new entrySat 23:26:10


Kim Jong-Un's holiday snaps.

new entrySat 22:48:37


"So just how many people have you invited to this bloody barbecue."

new entrySat 22:20:26


"I'm still not sure, those pillows seemed very cheap to me"

new entrySat 20:26:28


We need to get these Olives to the Market. Press on it.

new entrySat 18:14:58


"Why don't you just admit to being lost and ask for directions instead of buying something at all these farm shops?"

new entrySat 16:58:15


En route vegetables

new entrySat 16:06:27


Worst Uber ever.

new entrySat 14:51:34


Potatoes are very versatile, mash, roast potatoes, waffles and even tyre pressure gauge.

new entrySat 14:39:22


"How can you see anything, with all those spuds in the rear window?"
"You're right, let's pass that red car."

new entrySat 14:14:44


Spud U Hike

new entrySat 12:30:50


Every one wore a jacket for the outing but those on top wore the very best, attire.

new entrySat 12:28:52


Renault Daulphinoise.

new entrySat 12:25:55


The driver of this car didn't see the lorry approaching too fast from behind. He's had his chips!

new entrySat 12:25:33


Citroën Sackso

new entrySat 12:16:36


"That guy who fitted the air bags..."

new entrySat 12:12:45

Who needs air bags? --Willie Johnson

Shortly afterwards it approached a fork in the road and got mmashed up.

new entrySat 12:11:45


Car for sale. Lots of chips inside, but a good runner.”

new entrySat 12:11:07


"To the coast!"

new entrySat 12:06:52


Valerie: "what do you call that Dave ?"
Dave " A harvest Fiesta Val."

new entrySat 12:06:44


The Beverley trill billies.

new entrySat 12:05:10


Spot the spudniker.

new entrySat 12:03:19


"We need to get to the airport fast, give it some beans"

new entrySat 12:02:35


Rev Onions

new entrySat 12:01:13

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