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Blood sweet and tiers.
Blood sweet and tiers. photo | portfolio
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Blood sweet and tiers.

Fri 8:01:06


Icing with death.

Fri 8:08:58


He fell for her

Fri 8:03:37


One Wedding and a Funeral

Fri 8:00:11


Tier drop

Fri 8:18:34


"I suspect Mrs White, in the kitchen, with the knife."

Fri 9:49:43


“I was sleepwalking. Honestly officer.”

Fri 8:06:49


Assault and Battenberg.

Fri 9:19:36


“The bride did it. The proof was in the pudding.”

Fri 8:10:10


"I, Dave, take you, Tina, to be my woops ... Ow ... Shit! ... F*CK!"

Fri 8:06:16


“Who on earth made the cake?”
- “Her mother”

Fri 10:49:22


🎵 The winner eats it all

Fri 8:50:19


"...and if Trevor's red cummerbund hadn't caught on the top tier, he surely would have died!"

Fri 8:48:48


Blimey! If that's the cake the speeches should be good!

Fri 8:25:18


She was put into custardy

Fri 8:19:00


Plunge cake

Fri 8:05:06


"I now pronounce you Mr and Mrs Lemming."

Fri 8:03:55


Groom and Doom

Fri 8:02:58


"Oh shit", said the groom, "I think Emma knows I'm shagging her chief bridesmaid."

Fri 8:00:56


Macbeth wasn't expecting the celebratory cake when he came home.

new entrySat 22:33:21


She obviously pushed him Holmes.
No Watson if she had pushed him he would have fallen and there would only be blood when he struck his head. We are looking for someone with a high calibration icing gun.

Fri 17:43:56


Marge had still to learn a few things about bungie jumping.

Fri 17:15:46


Everyone knew Kevin was a pushover.

Fri 14:23:04


The groom was hurt after slipping on the bride's heavy flow. It became quite the period drama.

Fri 13:52:27


Blood relatives.

Fri 12:57:19


Icy dead people.,

Fri 9:44:17


"...and you say that she now has you heavily insured... Dave, are you *really* sure that you want to go through with this wedding?"

Fri 9:36:10


"What's this?"

"It's the cake you ordered sir- a Filipino Sans Rival."

Fri 9:33:36


"This week, on 'The Great Sicilian Bake-off'..."

Fri 9:25:40


You have to hand it to her, confessing via her Death Row meal.

Fri 9:22:56


"Darling, I'll drop off the cake on the big day."

Fri 9:11:31



Fri 8:42:11


One ring to rule them all...

Fri 8:41:57


My rage License

Fri 8:24:49


“You asked a nymphomaniac to do the icing!”

Fri 8:20:07


When your flow on your wedding day is that heavy, it makes it hard for him to stick around.

Fri 8:19:36


After 30 years of marriage I've got to say, this was a wise move.

Fri 8:14:38


Apparently, she wasn't that fondant of him

Fri 8:10:59


"...surreal topper."

Fri 8:00:13

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