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Thats one hell of a tackle
Thats one hell of a tackle photo | portfolio
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That's one hell of a tackle

new entrySat 20:00:53


"Yellow card, hand ball"

new entrySat 20:00:24


"Sorry Steve, I'm just not feeling myself today."

new entrySat 22:28:28


Dave often fancied a cup of Joe.

new entrySat 20:05:10



new entrySat 20:00:08


Nice tackle mate.

new entrySat 21:14:49


Looks like he's scored.

new entrySat 20:12:45


Match of the Gay

new entrySat 21:22:35


"At least buy me a drink first."

new entrySat 21:13:51



new entrySat 20:40:00


''It looks like they could both be heading for an early bath.''

new entrySat 20:03:16


"Okay, now cough."

new entrySat 20:01:42


Dave checks whether the player from Trinidad has got the Covid jab.

new entrySat 20:00:18

That's a piercing comment, caption author. But I think that whole situation is bollocks. --Willie Johnson

"Okay, everyone together for the grope photo."

new entry3:13:35


"What happens next? Does he dribble or shoot?"

new entry2:49:53


It's ok we can now I'm 21

new entry1:23:21


Careful, don't pat too hard.

new entrySat 23:25:07


Which one is the rear receiver?

new entrySat 23:15:02


Playing with three at the back.

new entrySat 22:46:32


That's the signal to press high up.

new entrySat 22:36:38


"Who's number 21?"
"That's Dave, he's Forward"

new entrySat 22:36:28



new entrySat 22:16:00


"Either you have an erection or the budgie is well dead."

new entrySat 21:39:14


"I learned this from Vinnie Jones"

"You're supposed to do it to the opposition you pillock"

new entrySat 21:30:27


"It's his testesmonial."

new entrySat 21:18:52


"Now cough."

new entrySat 20:52:38


It would seem he's coming off the pitch

new entrySat 20:47:32


Team player

new entrySat 20:44:18


Play on, ball to hand

new entrySat 20:36:40


If he doesn't improve he will bring him off at half time.

new entrySat 20:26:42


Playing with two up front.

new entrySat 20:25:23


"So what makes you think their gay?"
"The game finished 20 minutes ago"

new entrySat 20:12:42


"Good hold up play."

new entrySat 20:11:16


21 jump Steve

new entrySat 20:09:29


Where would football be without supporters?

new entrySat 20:08:45


"So Ryan can you explain this move?"
"Yeah, obviously I was over the moon, sick as a parrot"

new entrySat 20:08:29


He's clearly asking for a transfer.

new entrySat 20:08:27


"Low 5!"

"Yeah, but when I'm aroused it's a high 6."

new entrySat 20:01:31


Swat the ball

new entrySat 20:00:09

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