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"Get another one. How are we going to play badminton with that?"
"Get another one. How are we going to play badminton with that?" photo | portfolio
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Willie Johnson Vote score: 3152Willie Johnson

"Get another one. How are we going to play badminton with that?"

06/09/21 8:41:27

stone face Vote score: 10013stone face

Tonight on 'Exploding Things For Science'
We find out what happens, when you put a firework up a goose's arse.

06/09/21 8:19:39

What are leucistic morals?  --Glyn Evans
Stephen Bean Vote score: 18732Stephen Bean

"Wow, look at that amazing albino peacock!"
"If you look at the eyes you can tell it is a leucistic peacock."
"Piss off Anon."

06/09/21 8:13:15

Nina Dutton Vote score: 899Nina Dutton

“Sir, we’ve managed to source the feathers for your pillow.”

06/09/21 8:23:17

Al Overy Vote score: 7684Al Overy

"Lads, lads! Check this out - A dozen sparklers up my arse! PMPL!"

06/09/21 8:01:14

Greg Curtis Vote score: 6955Greg Curtis

"From my experience, the colored ones are bigger."

06/09/21 11:32:06

Karen Oakenfull Vote score: 2153Karen Oakenfull

Peahen: “Quit all that crap and just show us your dick.”

(Mick Miller)

06/09/21 8:25:22

John  Glover Vote score: 22009John Glover

They are bred on the Isle of Wight.

06/09/21 12:51:30

Greg Curtis Vote score: 6955Greg Curtis

"Poor thing only attracts captioneers."

06/09/21 11:25:38

Neil Mackenzie Vote score: 12167Neil Mackenzie

What’s his name?
We call him Sooty.

06/09/21 8:41:59

Hercules  Rockefeller Vote score: 8656Hercules Rockefeller

"As long as you don't wear that after Labor Day, you should be alright."

06/09/21 8:31:02

Vivvy En Vote score: 8234Vivvy En

"Not sure about that new washing powder, Mrs Peacock."
"Ah, Persil washes whiter, my love."

06/09/21 8:28:59

Molly R Vote score: 3065Molly R

"I don't know why people keep assuming I am a coward."

06/09/21 8:14:28

GeeDee Vote score: 2946GeeDee

Who's been putting Factor 100 on the peacock?

06/09/21 8:11:22

C CaMel Vote score: 7450C CaMel

“We can play charades but he can only do books.”

06/09/21 8:07:01

Dave Bryan Vote score: 16729Dave Bryan

🎵 You're So Vain 🎵

06/09/21 8:02:24

"I'm's biggest fan": We'll save you Chris Beach! We won't let Annie Wilkes make you finish off her captions for her! She hasn't tried to hobble you yet, has she? "You're so vain": The wind must have been so powerfu... --Glyn Evans
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