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Goo, goo, goo.  I didnt quite catch that, Mr Trump.

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Dave Bryan Vote score: 18865Dave Bryan

''Goo, goo, goo.''

''I didn't quite catch that, Mr Trump.''

31/12/21 12:15:20

Supergoo... as was his answer to "How do you hold your hair in place?" --Willie Johnson
Troompa Loompa Vote score: 22283Troompa Loompa

4 out of 5 cry like a baby when they lose something.

31/12/21 22:58:19

Molly R Vote score: 3309Molly R

Spot the dummy.

31/12/21 12:12:33

Impeach the Dummy Again, Again --Scrijjy Doo
Glad You Remember Vote score: 1561Glad You Remember

"Calm down, Donald, they don't know anything past 3 anyway."

31/12/21 20:04:49

Willie Johnson Vote score: 3469Willie Johnson

Most of them believe they are president of the United States.

01/01/22 5:09:57

Barrie Bullock Vote score: 774Barrie Bullock

Clockwise from top left :- Spencer, Dave, Marty, Phoebe & some nonentity.

31/12/21 14:58:33

Neil Mackenzie Vote score: 12615Neil Mackenzie

Did you get the odd one out?
Yes that’s right Donald Trump is the only one who hasn’t been sniffed by Joe Biden.

31/12/21 16:47:47

Scrijjy Doo Vote score: 4624Scrijjy Doo


31/12/21 14:56:04

Al Overy Vote score: 10018Al Overy

"I'm sorry, Mr Trump, but I'm going to disconnect you from this meeting as you're very unstable."

31/12/21 12:31:47

Don’t tell me Buzz Lightyear is going to be the next Democrat President? --Neil Mackenzie
Glad You Remember Vote score: 1561Glad You Remember

Potty, po-faced, poppet, POTUS, poser

02/01/22 20:36:44

John  Glover Vote score: 22208John Glover

" ..... and the connection is ... they are all called Donald and they all wear nappies."

31/12/21 16:35:55

Troompa Loompa Vote score: 22283Troompa Loompa

"We're going to build a doll."

31/12/21 12:24:44

Glyn Evans Vote score: 9223Glyn Evans


31/12/21 12:06:00

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