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Oh no! Theres a leek in his nappy.
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Dave Bryan Vote score: 22016Dave Bryan

''Oh no! There's a leek in his nappy.''

10/09/21 20:07:48

"Did you take a leek, or are you just happy to see me?" --Willie Johnson
Tony Edwards Vote score: 35953Tony Edwards

Unexpected item in cabbage area

10/09/21 20:02:07

Come on now, is there any picture where a baby is unexpected at this point? --Willie Johnson
Neil Mackenzie Vote score: 13402Neil Mackenzie


10/09/21 21:36:15

Lucky Elperro Vote score: 6214Lucky Elperro

"I don't effing care. Leave me in here all day. I ain't eating them"

10/09/21 20:11:01

Al Overy Vote score: 13242Al Overy

Next on Dispatches, we'll be asking Tilly why she voted romaine.

10/09/21 20:35:21

Mark England Vote score: 19993Mark England

When we go to London we always stay in the Savoy

10/09/21 20:07:57

Ian Skelding Vote score: 28791Ian Skelding

"Tom, did you remember to drop Georgie off at the Nursery?"

10/09/21 20:51:40

Dave Bryan Vote score: 22016Dave Bryan

''What is the capital of France?''

''Goo, Goo, Goo, Stewpot.''

''Wrong, it's Paris. Give him another cabbage.''

10/09/21 20:50:30

In my day it was Eamonn Andrews. --Molly R
Lucky Elperro Vote score: 6214Lucky Elperro

After decades of using 230 different pesticides on vegetables. not only had the maggots resisted, but they'd developed.

10/09/21 20:03:23

Mark Wilson Vote score: 4677Mark Wilson

"Dave drops him off at 8 and I pick him up at 3. Well it saves on nursery fees"

10/09/21 22:58:24

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