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Vivvy En Vote score: 11286Vivvy En

"So tell me again. You bought a six inch strip of land and..."

16/07/21 12:23:16

Troompa Loompa Vote score: 22453Troompa Loompa

"When guests come over, for a laugh Mum puts on stripey socks and ruby slippers then lies underneath."

16/07/21 12:16:39

And to think, the Wicked Witch of the East might have lived if Dorothy's farmhouse had landed this way making the Wizard of Oz and entirely different movie. How would Dorothy become the Munchkin's saviour if she doesn't accidentally crush their... --Glyn Evans
Dan Nicholls Vote score: 18127Dan Nicholls

"I've turned this place upside down looking for my keys".

16/07/21 12:01:59

John  Glover Vote score: 22842John Glover

"I told him not to call Clark Kent 'A big pussy'."

16/07/21 12:16:30

The Wolf Vote score: 17933The Wolf

"Sure, you might think it's extreme, but I'm bloody sick of people walking on my new carpet with their shoes on."

16/07/21 12:02:47

The Wolf Vote score: 17933The Wolf

The world's biggest and most impressive pop-up book.

16/07/21 12:10:31

Michael Winner Vote score: 25610Michael Winner

He's such a massive Lionel Richie fan.

16/07/21 12:08:36

Tony S Vote score: 7114Tony S

I told the kids Santa didn't make it out of the chimney when the tornado struck , has saved me a fortune.

16/07/21 12:09:37

Greg Curtis Vote score: 8237Greg Curtis

Surreal Estate

16/07/21 12:48:44

Al Overy Vote score: 15349Al Overy

"Dear Witch Magazine, I'm writing regarding a housing problem that befell my sister..."

16/07/21 12:18:09

Al Overy Vote score: 15349Al Overy

"Well, that server migration seems to have gone without a hitch..."

16/07/21 17:33:35

Dan Nicholls Vote score: 18127Dan Nicholls

Batman's retirement home.

16/07/21 12:03:53

Stephen Bean Vote score: 29782Stephen Bean

"That's the last time I hire an Australian architect."

16/07/21 12:00:18

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