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James Lennox Vote score: 14188James Lennox


"This is most embarrassing, but could you help? Somehow I've caught my penis in the fence."

18/07/21 12:55:41

Many congratulations, James! I've been out of it a while with Covid and missed some pictures entirely, so this has come as a new delight. A very worthy winner! --Molly R
Troompa Loompa Vote score: 22453Troompa Loompa

"Your face or mine?"

18/07/21 12:40:37

alexandra ball Vote score: 2208alexandra ball

Nosey neighbours.

18/07/21 12:09:50

Tony Edwards Vote score: 37323Tony Edwards

Neighbourhood watch

18/07/21 12:03:00

Vivvy En Vote score: 11725Vivvy En

"I'm sure our neighbour's on drugs. There's just something about that glazed expression."

18/07/21 13:22:37

Stephen Bean Vote score: 31206Stephen Bean

Head of the house

18/07/21 12:00:05

The Wolf Vote score: 18354The Wolf

"We love the house but the the window cleaner costs a fortune. You know how much opticians and dentists charge."

18/07/21 12:35:19

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