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Al Overy Vote score: 15349Al Overy

Catholic Church's apology for historical sex crimes branded 'inadequate'.

25/06/21 20:00:10

Vivvy En Vote score: 11286Vivvy En

"Here's some cream for it."

25/06/21 20:03:42

Al Overy Vote score: 15349Al Overy

"Matt Hancock has apologised, I accepted and we move on." said Boris Johnson.

25/06/21 20:02:41

Stephen Bean Vote score: 29782Stephen Bean

You spoil that sheep.

25/06/21 20:00:42

Tony S Vote score: 7114Tony S

"Why couldn't we just have a traditional wedding cake?"

25/06/21 20:49:29

Ian Skelding Vote score: 30709Ian Skelding

"That's OK, how's your Spotted Dick?"

25/06/21 20:00:10

Gavin Smithers Vote score: 576Gavin Smithers

Mr Hancock said that he's dealing with an unprecedented pandemic and he hopes his wife will recover soon.

25/06/21 23:44:37

stone face Vote score: 10117stone face

"That's ok, I've got AIDS."

25/06/21 20:21:33

Pip Rae Vote score: 46Pip Rae

It was good that he apologised but let's hope the cake wasn't a rash decision.

25/06/21 23:24:01

C CaMel Vote score: 9707C CaMel

"The good thing is, if you eat this, you'll become much less likely to pass it on."

25/06/21 21:15:52

Tony Edwards Vote score: 37058Tony Edwards

Say it with glowers

25/06/21 20:54:22

Tony S Vote score: 7114Tony S

"You bstard. 1 you know I can't read and 2 I'm on a diet."

25/06/21 20:39:25

The Wolf Vote score: 17933The Wolf

If you refuse to wear a condom then you might just get your just deserts.

25/06/21 20:37:50

I'm incredibly safety conscious. I wear a condom at all times, 24/7. It protects me and others, however it is a bitch to pee with.  --Glyn Evans
Tony S Vote score: 7114Tony S

"What did you do with the cookie?"
"Same as the herpes, passed it on to all your mates."

25/06/21 20:34:17

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