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C CaMel Vote score: 12554C CaMel

"I don't think Nan has much confidence in your crossbow skills "

23/06/21 11:10:23

It's not so much the crossbow as he's cross-eyed. --Willie Johnson
Tony S Vote score: 8204Tony S

You spoil that maggot.

23/06/21 11:08:56

John Beith Vote score: 270John Beith

She had great core strength.

23/06/21 11:23:46

C CaMel Vote score: 12554C CaMel

Personally I prefer women with large melons.

23/06/21 11:01:59

Dave Bryan Vote score: 29655Dave Bryan

The evil queen decided not to take any chances with Snow White.

23/06/21 11:15:25

If the poison doesn't finish her off, at least she'll have a nasty hernia. --Al Overy
Stephen Bean Vote score: 35090Stephen Bean

Granny Smith

23/06/21 11:00:11

Mr Dome  Vote score: 16723Mr Dome

You should see the size of her husband's banana

23/06/21 13:42:30

Karyn Harrison Vote score: 9145Karyn Harrison


23/06/21 11:03:53

Mark Wilson Vote score: 5128Mark Wilson

It started off as a zit on my neck

23/06/21 11:26:47

It needs to be pulped. --Karyn Harrison
Neil Mackenzie Vote score: 14779Neil Mackenzie

In an alternative universe Newton never discovered gravity, they buried him, in a grave with the inscription (The Idiot who sat under the Apple Tree.)

23/06/21 15:35:53

Tony Edwards Vote score: 38459Tony Edwards

Crabbey Road

23/06/21 11:37:55

Hercules  Rockefeller Vote score: 12512Hercules Rockefeller

One of those a day certainly ain't keeping any doctors away.

23/06/21 11:02:45

More like bowling them over like skittles --Glyn Evans
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