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"Congratulations sir , excuse me if I dont shake your hand."
"Congratulations sir , excuse me if I dont shake your hand." photo | portfolio
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Tony S Vote score: 3050Tony S

"Congratulations sir , excuse me if I don't shake your hand."

07/06/21 19:16:59

Ian Skelding Vote score: 26599Ian Skelding

" ..... and flagellations "

07/06/21 19:17:52

Supercali-fragellations... is it something quite atrocious? --Willie Johnson
Al Overy Vote score: 8974Al Overy

Jizz Band

07/06/21 19:02:30

Scrijjy Doo Vote score: 4282Scrijjy Doo

A Stroke of Luck

07/06/21 19:47:39

Greg Curtis Vote score: 7134Greg Curtis

"Thanks for coming."

07/06/21 19:01:11

Mark Wilson Vote score: 3984Mark Wilson

"Stop, stop, stop, it's only my Dad, I forgot my packed lunch"

07/06/21 21:35:19

Sorry 20.13 didn't see it. I was your 2nd vote so hopefully your caption overtakes mine and justice is done. I don't wanna be that someone who takes credit for something they didn't really start. --Mark Wilson
Dave Bryan Vote score: 17885Dave Bryan

''Sex is just a substitute. I wouldn't be here, if I'd got more votes.''

07/06/21 19:32:34

James Lennox Vote score: 9774James Lennox

This is why I shop at the 999,999th Sex Shop.

07/06/21 19:11:51

Al Overy Vote score: 8974Al Overy

"Wank you very much."

07/06/21 19:00:45

Mark England Vote score: 19179Mark England

"Smile, you're on Candida Camera"

07/06/21 19:25:31

Tony S Vote score: 3050Tony S

"Honestly I only came to drop my daughters packed lunch off for her."

07/06/21 19:13:08

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