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Vivvy En Vote score: 11286Vivvy En

"Bill, make sure you get a good photo of us."

06/06/21 8:38:57

Kenny Ireland Vote score: 6102Kenny Ireland

Parklife with Blur.

06/06/21 8:08:21

stone face Vote score: 10117stone face

"Right junior, am just going for a pee. Whatever you do, don't turn that switch to hyper speed!"

06/06/21 8:05:54

Lucky Elperro Vote score: 6316Lucky Elperro

In the 1960s abortions were not readily available on the NHS...but if you knew where to go.

06/06/21 9:10:27

You would have thought that John Reginald Christie would have been incentive enough to legalise abortion before 1967 but obviously not.  --Glyn Evans
Dave Bryan Vote score: 25579Dave Bryan

''This is a tough photo, Jane. Let's keep going round on the waltzers and see if we can throw up a few captions.''

06/06/21 8:24:35

James Lennox Vote score: 13685James Lennox

"So, what do you think the lyrics of Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds are all about?"

"Who cares, let's just enjoy the LSD we dropped."

06/06/21 8:10:41

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