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Looks like theyre about to tie the knot.
Looks like theyre about to tie the knot. photo | portfolio
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Looks like they're about to tie the knot.

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"I always knew we'd wind up together."

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Let’s twist again, like we did last summer.

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Please don't throw chewing gum in the lake

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"Get a room! Ideally, a room with a view, or a mew, or a moo. Then once you're in the room and you've booted out all the other animals (cat and cow), remove that bloody superglue you silly Flamingos. How will I recognise you when you look like that."

(and no I won't take my caption down)

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Flamingo dancers

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"I've told you before, those mussells on the outboard motors are not worth bothering with".

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Wow look at them two in love.

Flamingo: Give it back you sod, I had it first, find you own bloody fish

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Keep kissing, Noah said he can only take 2 of us to keep the species alive.
But we are both females
In the future we won't need men honest.

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Flamingos are known for their long necks.

( nods to other necks )

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“It’s nice Dave, but slightly impractical for a toilet roll holder.”

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Look at those love birds necking.

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Apologies, didn't realise I'd duplicated your necking angle. Have now voted and changed mine. --Troompa Loompa

They enjoyed necking, but were not really up for heavy petting.

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The swans have asked you to get off their lake

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"Honestly, you can't get pregnant if we do it like this."

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Glad it's not just me who finds it tricky doing the cheek-kiss greeting

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"When I said I wanted to meet a pair of kinky birds..."

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One good tern deserves another.

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Clive had spent the morning feeling really lousy, but, after meeting Sharon, he knew he'd soon be in the pink.

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"As the paddling pink water ostriches pull themselves apart it's always been tradition to make a wish on the bigger one..."

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Kissing the Pink

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Rub her necking

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“Where’s my notepad?”
-Inventor of Flumps

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''I hope our affair doesn't spiral out of control.''

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They continued screwing for hours.

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“They’re turning heads.”

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Close Encounter of the Bird Kind

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Twisted Sister

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“The mugger demanded your feathers to complete his shoulder pads?! What did he look like?”

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"Ok, cut! There's actually no snogging in Fantasia, thanks."

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“This is the worst team building day since paintball 2007.”

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"Hold tight. I've got to show you this. I can balance on one leg."

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"Hi, honey, how did the fish diving go?"

"Not bad, but the water was a little shallower than I expected."

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Pink diamond

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Fight fight fight, come on guys don't all wade in.

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Knotty but Nice

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The animal para Olympic Committee realise the 2 finalist in the wrestling were not amputees after all and had both legs.

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Square dance.

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*whisper* “And here, in the inhospitable waters of Kenya’s Lake Bogoria, two flamingoes play out the violent life and death struggle that they've called ‘The Labour Party’.”

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And then you just drill them into the wall and've got a perfectly decent basketball hoop.

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"That's a turn up."

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''Drop that fish or I'll strangle you.''

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“Sorry love, I shouldn’t have had that last Pink Flamingo down the Swan.”

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