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Nice bike - looks like the Dulux version!
Nice bike - looks like the Dulux version! photo | portfolio
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Nice bike - looks like the Dulux version!

Sun 12:00:09


"Blimey Quang. You must be hungry"

Sun 12:05:58

Looks like he's going for the full Old English. --Karyn Harrison

Slumdog pillionaires

Sun 12:23:30



Sun 14:52:13


Old English beepdogs

Sun 12:02:34


He's taking them to be trimmed. Guess what song they're humming?

♪ Born to be Styled ♪

Sun 12:46:22


Jin loves a novelty backpack so much he bought a spare one.

Sun 12:43:53


Hairy bikers.

Sun 12:29:04


"...gonna have to run your license. STAY..."

Sun 13:32:50



Sun 13:11:20



Sun 13:02:23


It upsets me looking back at this photo because I miss Benji so much. I would do anything to take back that attempted wheelie.

Sun 12:46:29


Is that a Hounda?

Sun 12:06:24


Bark and ride

Sun 12:00:08


Battersea dog's home were getting suspicous. Cheng had adopted 76 dogs that month.

Sun 16:09:48


“Now come on: Why would I park by a fire hydrant?...”

Sun 14:43:44


Ruff Rider

Sun 14:04:45


"Sure, RIGHT: You pulled me over cuz I'm black."

Sun 13:38:13


''I'm booking you for dangerous driving, sir. You should be wearing a crash helmet.''

Sun 12:03:08



Sun 12:00:19


What the hell, you went for condoms?

Don't think understood accent, ask for Durex twice, then give up

Sun 17:54:35


The first Korean Deliveroo

Sun 16:57:11


And for lunch today. Pet noodle.

Sun 16:07:29


They're not called Hold English sheepdogs for nothing.

Sun 16:03:30


Riding doggy style.

Sun 15:48:38


Objects in mirror are closer than they appear

Sun 14:02:20


"Quang, when I said I wanted to try dogging.."

Sun 13:26:07


"... just before the rollover."

Sun 13:18:17


"Julie, I'm just nipping to the shop to get some dog food because we've ran out and I think they're hungry. Do you want anything?"

Sun 13:16:17


"We're chasing cats."

Sun 13:13:41


Race Ventura.

Sun 12:50:29


Son shows off his new two-stroke.

Sun 12:42:33


"I love my dogs more than anything but they're lazy bastards when we're playing fetch"

Sun 12:31:17


The Hounds of the Bonneville

Sun 12:21:33


Things aren't looking good for the remake of 'Akira'.

Sun 12:07:41



Sun 12:03:54


"They're mopedigree"

Sun 12:02:31


"Well, it's a cold day."

Sun 12:02:13


Marley Davidson

Sun 12:00:52


Why will men not read the instructions? This scooter is not designed to carry doggies, it is designed to carry Cows and Sackies.

Sun 12:00:10


Taking the dogs for a walk.

new entry16:05:21


Scientists confused: Man gives birth to puppies!

Sun 17:30:05


-"Hold on tight, guys, and we'll go and paint the town red."
-"Any colour you like, buddy, absolutely any colour you like."

Sun 16:05:18


"You been hanging around with that bloody Yorkshire terrier again?"

Sun 16:00:13



Sun 15:14:37


Never buy clothes from an Animal Rescue Centre charity shop.

Sun 14:40:37


Hugs are not allowed yet!

Sun 14:35:00



Sun 14:05:31


Just taking the wife and mother in law out for a spin

Sun 13:26:57


Guangdong Grubhub

Sun 12:53:49


Wag on wheels.

Sun 12:36:20


"Sir, you've obviously gone to extreme lengths to hide what you're doing by purchasing a scooter, but we know your fly is undone and there's a hole in the back of your trousers."

Sun 12:24:25


Pooch Maxi

Sun 12:07:31


A scene from Takashi Miike's 'Last of the Summer Wine'.

Sun 12:06:12

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