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Al Overy Vote score: 17035Al Overy

"Now, if you'll all sit quietly, I'll explain which bone is connected to which without making a song and dance about it."

03/04/21 12:25:31

But sure make have you the order right. --Willie Johnson
Tony S Vote score: 7896Tony S

And Weight Watchers slimmer of the year award goes to...

03/04/21 12:03:33

Lucky Elperro Vote score: 6316Lucky Elperro

"Now ladies and Gentleman, I do believe that in the far future, sex dolls will be made with latex, but until then..."

03/04/21 17:24:53

Ellen Duncalf Vote score: 1410Ellen Duncalf

Lord Fitzgerald insisted on being present at his will reading so he could see all your indignant reactions when he lets you know he is leaving his 6.2 million to Battersea's Dogs Home.

03/04/21 13:30:32

Vivvy En Vote score: 12509Vivvy En

Was anything learned at this seminar?
Remains to be seen.

03/04/21 14:39:30

Stephen Bean Vote score: 33706Stephen Bean

"I've called you all here tonight to remind you that not voting can have severe consequences. Take poor Gary here who joined a year ago and decided to go on hunger strike until he got his first vote. Need I say more?"

03/04/21 13:31:04

Willie Johnson Vote score: 4182Willie Johnson

"This unlucky fellow tried to read the entirety of that one very long caption about the rabbit and the mask."

03/04/21 20:13:25

Al Overy Vote score: 17035Al Overy

"I deduce this skeleton is female. Let's examine the evidence: narrow shoulders, wide pelvis and the massive index finger for enhanced wagging capability."

03/04/21 13:30:27

Greg Curtis Vote score: 8735Greg Curtis

"Today's speaker, as you can see...didn't make it."

03/04/21 13:49:20

Mark Wilson Vote score: 5069Mark Wilson

"I hope you're all ashamed of yourselves, if one of you had given up your seat for poor old Mrs Wiggins...."

03/04/21 13:39:41

Michael Winner Vote score: 25610Michael Winner

A scene from Edgar Allen Poe's 'The Antiques Roadshow'.

03/04/21 13:32:16

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