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Wow, you can see her knotty bits!
Wow, you can see her knotty bits! photo | portfolio
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Wow, you can see her knotty bits!

Fri 20:00:10

"That's knot nice. Leaf me alone." --Willie Johnson

Has someone warned her about attracting the wrong sort of fellers?

Fri 20:00:39

like termites? --Mauris Iocus

A Nudist Beech

Fri 20:01:36


"Eve, is it just me or are these forbidden fruit trees looking more and more tempting everyday"

Fri 20:53:23

Ooh, put that snake away. You're going to need a bigger fig leaf. --Mauris Iocus

Hold me closer tiny brancher.

Fri 20:13:53


I don’t know about Yew but I wood.

Fri 20:08:22


My wife insisted on having a bird box in the garden. As a lover of tits, I concurred.

Fri 20:31:10

Best not to go against the grain. Soon she'll have you seeding the box. --Mauris Iocus

Shewood Forest

Fri 20:19:10


"Honestly Doctor, I don't know how I got splinters in my penis"

Fri 20:06:52

Perhaps 'in' instead of 'on'. Sounds more painful. --Stephen Bean


Fri 20:00:53


I fell in love with her beautiful long limbs.

Fri 22:19:01


It's over and she's taking a bough.

Fri 21:55:54


limber timber

Fri 20:28:07


Torvill and The Forest of Dean

Fri 20:04:52


"Do you like it, Mr Connery?"
"Beautiful ash."

Fri 20:04:30


My Fir Lady

Fri 20:03:01


"Master Treebeard, I found this picture pinned to the inside of your locker. Do you have anything to say for yourself?"

Fri 20:00:34


When you bury an apple with a stripper’s G-string.

Fri 20:00:17


Call me weird, but she's giving me a woody.

Fri 20:00:06

Woody Yew believe it? --Willie Johnson

Bark Nouveau

Fri 21:25:03


BBC accused of sexing up 'In the Night Garden' to encourage more dads to watch TV with their kids.

Fri 20:48:49

The bonk a donk?(who says you can't learn anything from rap?) --Mauris Iocus

"I always fall for women with a great body. She played me for a sap."

Fri 20:24:10


Complicated rootine.

Fri 20:14:16


Run, Forest, Run!

Fri 20:09:52


"Well, Dave, I think I finally understand why you're a tree-hugger."

Fri 20:08:01

Oh, he does more than hug. We caught him tapping her for maple syrup. --Mauris Iocus

Mother Nature

Fri 20:01:27


Darcy Bushell.

Fri 20:01:22


Some lucky squirrels have their own Nutcracker.

Fri 20:00:56

I know where I'm hiding my nuts.. --Mauris Iocus

just give me 5 minutes with her and some sandpaper

Sat 18:07:37



Sat 5:08:59


"That'll teach her to pose naked in the park. My dog's just peed up her leg."

Fri 20:54:54



Fri 20:45:29

Minge in the willows --Mauris Iocus

If a woodchuck could fuck wood, he'd start here.

Fri 20:44:08


♪ Who's Gonna Drive You Home Tonight?

A very lucky feller.

Fri 20:32:26


"As dance routines go I think it's rather wooden."

Fri 20:29:21


I'm a celebritree get me out of here.

Fri 20:29:06



Fri 20:19:49


"Welcome to Strictly Come Dancing - Tree Edition with me, Spruce Forsyth"

Fri 20:18:37


I don't know about winter but I think I'm coming

Fri 20:17:16


Sure wood forest

Fri 20:16:51


If she's worth doing... she's... worth... doing... slowly...

Fri 20:16:37


In the future, Ralph would be a lot more careful about where he spilled his seed.

Fri 20:15:56



Fri 20:14:25

Nah. Realised I did a dupe. Voted the duped and deleted mine  --Mark England

Her bark is worse than her bite.

Fri 20:12:45


"It looks like an effeminate Rowan"
"No, that photo's upcoming"

Fri 20:10:24


Beech body..

Fri 20:09:01


Groot tits love!

Fri 20:07:06


The Ellcrys!

Fri 20:06:54


Leslie Ash..

Fri 20:06:32


Lilly really branched out as a dancer.

Fri 20:06:19


Jack took his chopper by the shaft.

Fri 20:06:12


You're barking up the wrong she.

Fri 20:05:43


Got wood?

Fri 20:05:28


Like all my girlfriends she leaves.

Fri 20:05:04


Pinocchio's girlfriend was a bit of a sort.

Fri 20:04:59


A Forest Line

Fri 20:04:56


Yew should enter strictly come dancing.

Fri 20:04:49


"Go on Olive - take a bough! Everyone is cheering for you."

Fri 20:02:45


Holly Willowbooby

Fri 20:02:36


"That injury looks bloody painful. Maybe we should call a tree surgeon"

Fri 20:02:15


Narnia after dark

Fri 20:01:44


Teresa Green.

Fri 20:00:55


Carnal Foliage

Fri 20:00:43


When you're the last of the Entwives, it pays to be a fast runner.

Fri 20:00:36


Tree to form

Fri 20:00:34

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