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Stephen Bean Vote score: 35099Stephen Bean

The disappearance of Flight 737 remains a puzzle.

12/07/21 11:03:54

The Wolf Vote score: 21390The Wolf

"Ladies and gentlemen this is your Captain speaking. The old biddy has finally put the engine in the right place and we are now on route to our destination. Sorry about the delay"

12/07/21 11:10:44

Mark Wilson Vote score: 5128Mark Wilson

3 - 7 years it said on the box and I did it in 8 hours flat.

12/07/21 14:26:45

Tony S Vote score: 8204Tony S

The government erect giant fishing nets around the country to stop inbound flights from red list countries.

12/07/21 11:19:35

Stephen Bean Vote score: 35099Stephen Bean

"It took me 2 minutes to piece together the aeroplane and 2 weeks to finish the sky."

12/07/21 11:00:13

Michael Winner Vote score: 25610Michael Winner

I made the mistake of buying the jigsaw that came out immediately after this one, which just showed an empty sky.

12/07/21 12:54:57

Tony S Vote score: 8204Tony S

Air crash investigation simulator for new recruits to piece together a plane when it is broken into 64 pieces.

12/07/21 11:02:59

Nina Dutton Vote score: 903Nina Dutton

Officials are still piecing together the last sightings of the Boeing 737, which were carrying the Jigsaw puzzle convention.

12/07/21 13:17:23

Vivvy En Vote score: 13041Vivvy En

The plane was later mysteriously found broken up. Investigators are currently checking the box.

12/07/21 11:40:36

Tony Edwards Vote score: 38460Tony Edwards

You need a lot of patience to complete a jigsaw because you could be in for a long-haul.

12/07/21 11:32:22

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