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Fri 12:01:09


Talking to yourself is the first sign of madness. The second is joining

Fri 13:29:08

The third is writing about the signs of madness (just kidding).  --Willie Johnson

If ever a photograph could sum up a marriage...this would be it.

Fri 12:00:15


🎵 Mister Loba loba

Fri 13:28:39



Fri 12:50:00



Fri 12:21:49


'Side effects can include...'

Fri 12:07:55


The doctor said it was the worst case of ear nose and throat he had ever seen.

Fri 12:00:28


Aural Sex

new entryFri 14:22:52


Ear say

new entryFri 14:11:12

Inadmissible! your Honor --Mauris Iocus

"Are you wet behind the fucking ears?"
"Only when I sneeze"

Fri 13:46:05


Scientists postulate future evolutionary adaptations, after centuries of moaning about Brexit.

Fri 13:39:13


Hearing aide

Fri 13:23:00


I give great aural pleasure

Fri 13:12:33


Sound bite

Fri 12:39:05


The ear is a well known erogenous zone but please refrain from having sex with it. Your future babies will scare the sh*t out of the cat.

Fri 12:31:52


"You think this is bad? Doc, you should see my ass."

Fri 12:08:44


Waxing: lyrical.

Fri 12:04:47



Fri 12:01:45


I’ve always been a good listener. I was born that way.

Fri 12:00:15


Ears talking to you kid.

new entryFri 19:32:40


It may turn out to be a piercing voice.

Fri 13:43:08


Tim had a sneaking suspicion her constant nagging was having a permanent effect.

Fri 13:41:49


The inner critic

Fri 12:43:12


Drum & Face

Fri 12:30:56



Fri 12:25:44


"For goodness sake don't go for your second jab."

Fri 12:24:10


hairless whisper

Fri 12:15:51



"You b*stard. Stop doing that"

Fri 12:08:18


"I always pay attention when the auricle is speaking to me."

Fri 12:07:25


Lisa Lobe

Fri 12:01:24


My internal dialogue has now become external.

Fri 12:01:14


“I tried to tell them I was hearing voices and they were having none of it. Did you just hear that?”

Fri 12:00:41



Fri 12:00:05


Ear breath experience.

new entryFri 19:46:19


I suppose a blow job is out of the question?

new entryFri 19:26:22


Why are both the good & bad angels on my shoulders, the same grating voice of my mother reminding me to wash behind my ears?

new entryFri 16:00:21


My deformity doesn't really bother me unless I get a cold with a runny nose

new entryFri 15:24:40


"First we kill Potter. The we're going to destroy the Weasleys."

new entryFri 15:23:37


"Ear don't I nose you?"

new entryFri 15:06:03


You'll never need a phone again, come to Romania for breakthrough phone-sex surgery.

Fri 13:36:47


It's no wonder Helen Keller had issues.

Fri 13:36:04


Today we will be discussing whether Brexit will mean fewer cases of cauliflower ear.

Fri 13:03:36


"If you could stop choking me with q-tips, I'd appreciate it."

Fri 12:35:42


''Do you have any extra large ear buds? I've got Ruby Wax in my ear.''

Fri 12:07:08


Ruby Wax

Fri 12:06:39


I've heard your breath smells.

Fri 12:03:02


''Are you talking to youself again?''

Fri 12:02:31


A word in your ear

Fri 12:01:25


"Bloody genie, I wished for a lady with flawless skin who couldn't see my faults, to whisper sweet nothings into my ear every night."

Fri 12:00:38


He's had one of those cochleer implants.

Fri 12:00:32

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