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Chris Keegan Vote score: 14156Chris Keegan

"What was the sell by date on those eggs love?"

04/12/20 12:09:49

"Don't worry, we've still got two days left." --Willie Johnson
Stephen Bean Vote score: 34951Stephen Bean

"Is your bath to your liking mallard?"

04/12/20 12:02:22

Dave Bryan Vote score: 29502Dave Bryan

''Are you two coming in?''

''No, we're going to the pond. Only babies use the paddling pool.''

04/12/20 12:05:22

Stephen Bean Vote score: 34951Stephen Bean

The duck slops here

04/12/20 12:00:10

Al Overy Vote score: 17650Al Overy

"It was nice of that Mr Fox to invite us over for dinner!"

04/12/20 12:02:11

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