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C CaMel Vote score: 12681C CaMel

"Sausage and egg McMuffin, no egg, and no muffin."

28/11/20 8:32:51

This is similar to what I ask for but they don't seem to understand what I mean when I say "Can you hold the sausage?" --Karyn Harrison
James Lennox Vote score: 16337James Lennox

"Yes, my paw has been stuck to the steering wheel. No, I'm not going to elaborate on the type of adhesive used."

28/11/20 8:42:50

Vivvy En Vote score: 13057Vivvy En

"Excuse me, do you know where the nearest lamppost is, please?"

28/11/20 11:37:49

Chris Keegan Vote score: 14159Chris Keegan

Range Rover

28/11/20 10:53:12

Mark Wilson Vote score: 5137Mark Wilson

No officer, I've not seen anything unusual...

28/11/20 10:45:42

Dave Bryan Vote score: 29758Dave Bryan

''Can I see your driving license?''

''I'm sorry, officer, I've eaten it.''

28/11/20 8:16:47

Mark Wilson Vote score: 5137Mark Wilson

I don't usually pick up hitchhikers but if you promise not to chew the headrests...

28/11/20 10:42:13

Dan Nicholls Vote score: 18251Dan Nicholls

Taxi lab.

28/11/20 8:40:27

Neil Mackenzie Vote score: 14791Neil Mackenzie

They wouldn't let me on the Greyhound.

28/11/20 20:56:17

C CaMel Vote score: 12681C CaMel

"They really should vet these Uber drivers."

28/11/20 14:32:13

Al Overy Vote score: 17723Al Overy

"You passed! Mastiff congratulations!"

28/11/20 8:07:50

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