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Barbie hasnt changed much in the last 60 years. Ken on the other hand ...
Barbie hasnt changed much in the last 60 years. Ken on the other hand ... photo | portfolio
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Barbie hasn't changed much in the last 60 years. Ken on the other hand ...

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Kennie Jenner? --Willie Johnson

In Saudi Arabia the heads are removable.

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They say if you insult MBS it's free... of your body. --Willie Johnson

"Can I see your box?"

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"When do we tell Ken?"

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"Some things are outside of your ken." --Willie Johnson

I have no idea how we are managing to jog in these heels but no pain, no gain

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''My heart is beginning to melt, Barbie.''

''Should we move away from the fire?''

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''You look great for 61, Barbie.''

''Yes, its amazing what a little plastic can do.''

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A little? --Willie Johnson

Don't ask, don't Mattel.

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Georgia had her chat up lines 'off pat'.

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Catteries included.

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The original 70's version included two large bushes.

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Barbie has a new girlfriend, while Ken has a watch.

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With sinister intent, COVID virus pulls races together

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Lesbians tout perfect world. No more unwanted pregnancies. No more abortions. No more Human Race.

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Plastic fantastic

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Birds of a feather f*ck together.

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"Where is your left arm?"
"It's in my box."

Nod to 8:16:18.

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Hey Barbie, lesbian item

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"Of course I told Ken. I said I was going for a little doll in the park."

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"So tell me Barbie, why did you dump Ken and hook up with me?"

"Simple silly, Ken doesn't have a penis and you have articulated joints."

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"I'd give my right arm for a glass of wine right now."
"Uh, you might want to rethink that."

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Valleys of the Dolls

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"Not the first time we've sat on wood, right?"

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Mattel guarantee the latest Teacher Barbie set will go down in History.

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"Barbie, are you toying with me?"

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"I'm so pleased we ended up back at mine last night and managed to smooth things over"

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Action woman

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"Your dolls house or mine?"

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''Would you like to have sex with me?''

''Yes, but I can't undress myself.''

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Please note. This version of Barbie DOES NOT come with Ken. Instead she comes with new friend and a selection of toy accessories.

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Made from re-dykled plastic.

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