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Hey, creatures! Leave them twigs alone!
Hey, creatures! Leave them twigs alone! photo | portfolio
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Hey, creatures! Leave them twigs alone!

Sun 21:15:00

Another stick in the fall? --Al Overy

Synchronised trimming

Sun 21:13:13


Sadly they were eaten by a Comma Chameleon.

Sun 21:28:37

They come and go. --Peter Houle

A true friend is one that tries not to fart in your face, even when they can.

new entryMon 9:14:26


"Just another half centimetre to get to the middle," thought Stanley, "and I can send the rest of those bastards plunging to their deaths."

-The Very Evil Caterpillar

Mon 1:20:32


Because they had eaten loads, the ones on the right were suffering from indequestion

Sun 23:03:29


Salad again?!

Sun 21:07:22


"I feel sick. I think I pupate too fast!"

Sun 20:01:06


Do you have questions about metamorphosis?? Join the queue.

Sun 20:00:24

"When are we going leave this place? It's getting more crowded all the time."(* Nod to 20:22:28) --Willie Johnson

"How did you lot get here? Why are you eating me?"

"Ve vill ask the questions!"

new entryMon 21:15:40


Short and curly caterpillars tend to live on prickly leaves.

new entryMon 7:03:50


"Why would they ever leave?"

Sun 23:32:00


Pupae or not pupae? That is the question

Sun 23:02:10

Alas, poor Leif. I knew him well. --Peter Houle

Eats leaves and shites.

Sun 21:45:20


The question is, can you leaf us alone to eat in peace?

Sun 21:18:58


So many question marks, so little time.

Sun 21:08:10


You'd better beleaf it.

Sun 21:05:41


Small Wonders

Sun 21:03:28


All You Can Leaf Buffet

Sun 20:45:27


Varie-gated community

Sun 20:43:22


"Are we Question Marks, Metal Marks or just Hoary Commas?"

Sun 20:23:30


"What's bugging you?"
"Leaf me alone!"

Sun 20:22:28


"Shove all this in a liquidiser and we'll have the solution."

Sun 20:21:48


The Secret Garden

Sun 20:20:57


Ask me no questions, I won't metamorphosize.

Sun 20:16:57


"Give me a little more room you son of a birch."

Sun 20:11:25


Turning over a new leaf

Sun 20:05:54


"That's the end of today's leafing. Any questions?"

Sun 20:05:53


Edward Nygma launches another crazy scheme.

Sun 20:02:08

Nibble me this. --Peter Houle

The caterpillar cha cha.

Sun 20:01:30


Pillars of the communitree

Sun 20:00:51


It’s a question of taste.

Sun 20:00:19

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