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Four Men and a Baby
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The Wolf Vote score: 16658The Wolf

Four Men and a Baby

18/11/20 12:00:08

Stephen Bean Vote score: 27038Stephen Bean

Fortunately ballot paper beats rock.

18/11/20 12:05:03

Scrijjy Doo Vote score: 6097Scrijjy Doo

Mount Rushmoron

18/11/20 17:46:30

Generic RedHead Vote score: 1014Generic RedHead

"It's not perfect, one of them has a chip on his shoulder"

"Don't worry that'll be fixed in January."

18/11/20 17:18:41

Charles Gilbert Vote score: 1425Charles Gilbert

It's the only way he could win by a landslide...

18/11/20 15:31:00

The Wolf Vote score: 16658The Wolf

When you try and squeeze out a Trump and then a piece of sh*t ends up poking out between the cracks...

18/11/20 12:26:32

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