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The shoulder angel tries in vain to stop Eve playing with herself.
The shoulder angel tries in vain to stop Eve playing with herself. photo | portfolio
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The shoulder angel tries in vain to stop Eve playing with herself.

Sun 12:39:23


What a great parrot tits

Sun 12:15:16


A little bird told me it’s important to do the breast test.

Sun 12:00:41


This is the least excited I've ever been looking at a bird watching another bird whilst she feels her own tit.

Sun 12:21:47


Who's a pretty bird?

Sun 13:31:33


'Yes, she could definitely feel a hard lump'

Sun 13:47:14


That statue was bronze before the bird sat upon it.

Sun 12:01:16


Bosom budgie

Sun 12:00:10


It's at times like this you wish you had another pair of hands

new entryMon 21:30:46


One cooed over the statue's breast.

Sun 21:19:48


Venus de Fly Low

Sun 18:44:52


Statue of Cachinnations

Sun 18:43:42


"I have a cocka too!"

Sun 18:36:25


Aviary strange picture for Caption Me, you can’t see the Pussy she’s stroking.

Sun 16:57:58


Even I should not have to repeat myself to tell you to watch out for Medusa

Sun 16:46:18


''Give your tits a rub.
Give your tits a rub.
Give your tits a rub.''

''How disgusting. I wonder which twisted nerd taught him to say that.''

''Vote for my captions.
Vote for my captions.
Vote for my captions.''

''Someone has just sprung to mind.''

Sun 12:58:41


Weeping Angel

Sun 12:42:34



"Did you know that a parrot can peck off someone's nipple in 2.4 seconds?"

Sun 12:28:58


A bird on the shoulder is worth a cock or two in the bush.

Sun 12:28:14


"Yar! I be Merbeard, plague of the seven seas"
"*Squawk!* What convinced you to become a pirate?"
"I'd been sitting on that rock in Copenhagen for far too long"

Sun 12:24:40


"This is my bosom birdy."

Sun 12:14:39


Dirty birdy

Sun 12:13:16


"Polly wanna crack'er?"

"No, she's not my type of bird."

Sun 12:06:16


"I bet you've had a cockatoo."

Sun 12:04:52



Sun 12:04:19


''Cockatoo poo stinks! I needed to say that. I'm glad I've got it off my chest.''

Sun 12:01:39


"I've just had a peck at David's nuts but they were much too hard!"

Sun 12:01:35


Rock chicks

Sun 12:00:45


I'm glad you're feeling a right tit standing here said the parot.

Sun 12:00:07

The other one? she left tit alone. --John Glover
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