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Tue 12:00:04


German Sharpherd

Tue 14:22:34


[Thinks] Hmmm... do I go for the obvious caption and be the slowest or do I spend half the day trying to craft a long, clever caption? OK, no time: Hedgedog

Tue 12:00:19

Sadly you were still too slow. But I gave you a vote for the narrative. --Willie Johnson

“Is it a cross breed?”

“Yes, but not as cross as its Mother was when that massive Alsatian crept up behind her”

Tue 12:00:14


You should always buy your Cat from a trusted breeder.

Tue 12:17:14


"I've heard that Mrs Tiggy-Winkle is a right dog."

Tue 12:05:54


Experiment K10.

Tue 18:45:46


"Having finished my Night WatchHog shift I crawled home to Hedge Row hoping for a cuddle with Mrs Shepherd. The eldest doglet shouted 'Grub's up'. Odd, I thought. 'Where's your mum?' The doglets said she was 'out the back, not to be disturbed'. Well, what a fecking hog's life...I found her shagging next door's labraboar."

Tue 14:58:15



Tue 14:23:31


German Shepherd hog.

Tue 14:14:17


Greedy hog couldn't manage to eat all of the dog.

Tue 13:03:27


Houndhog Day

Tue 12:00:37


“Reports are coming in that there’s been an unprecedented balls up at a veterinary surgery involving head transplants. This is a picture of half of the mistake. Meanwhile, across town, a burglar is being apprehended by the world’s strangest Police Dog.”

Tue 12:00:34


Hound of the Baskerquills

Tue 12:00:12


yeah dog

it's not a dog


Tue 19:47:55


It's a cross breed. And whoever shagged that hedgehog must be really cross.

Tue 19:42:14


"Not that type of mask Sonic".

Tue 18:39:46


I will call him Sonic and he shall be my Sonic...

Tue 17:52:44


"What exactly is it? Can you run over it again?"
"No, I better not. That's what happened to the other subjects"

Tue 15:52:26


The local police morph can do amazing things with their patrol animals these days. This traffic hogdog regularly patrols long stretches of the rural B5723 in Shropshire.

Tue 15:16:42


Rin Tin Pin

Tue 14:25:21


''When we reach Mary's house, Rex, don't forget:
No peeing against the door.
No muddy paws on the carpet.
No licking your balls in front of the fire.''

''That's just what I need - another prick on my back.''

Tue 13:29:13



Tue 12:53:10


"Dear Captioneers. I appreciate all of your suggestions, but it's 2020 and I haven't decided what I'd like to identify as yet. Honestly, how rude."

Tue 12:52:03


"How long ago did you throw that stick?"

Tue 12:28:33



Tue 12:10:26



Tue 12:04:44


It's a super sonic breed.

Tue 12:04:37


Ruff around the edges

Tue 12:03:53


"He's terrific at rounding up slugs..."

Tue 12:03:06


Spike the dog

Tue 12:00:51


It's clearly a cross breed and I would suggest the father was heavily into S & M.

Tue 12:00:33

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