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Surprisingly Donald Trump saved the Statue of Liberty by grabbing the Pussy.
Surprisingly Donald Trump saved the Statue of Liberty by grabbing the Pussy. photo | portfolio
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Surprisingly Donald Trump saved the Statue of Liberty by grabbing the Pussy.

Tue 21:36:02


We're going to need a bigger red dot

Tue 21:46:08


"I tried to think of the most harmless thing. Something I loved from my childhood. Something that could never ever possibly destroy us: Mr. Muffins."

Tue 20:05:07


In America just about any situation calls for a high-five.

Tue 20:00:26


And the 2nd most disastrous thing that could happen to the US in November is…..

Tue 20:00:13


Schrödinger apologises for upscaling his experiment and failing to use a strong enough box.

Tue 20:15:20


No wonder Dave Bryan does great captions. His cat's brain is enormous.

Tue 20:01:09



Tue 20:00:12


She's been there on her own for so long, adding cats was inevitable.

Wed 7:16:53


"This gift from Brobdingnag trumps the gift from the French."

Tue 20:53:34


"Alien Cat. We know you can understand us. Return to your brothel or we will open fire!"

Tue 20:23:23


After many many long days without a cat picture on, The Cat Picture Liberation Front compensated by releasing "Tiddles"

Tue 20:19:11



Tue 20:06:14


♬ Furry Tail of Mew York

Tue 20:03:14


“Apache one to Apache two and Apache three, Copy?”

Apache 2: “Copy”
Apache 3: “Copy”


Tue 20:01:28



“A 150-metre-long Cat is currently attacking New York City. There must be a lot of terrified people out there tonight, but think how the Mice must feel”

Tue 20:00:45



Wed 6:56:59


PAW Patrol

Wed 2:54:49


For Christ's sake! Not another giant cat playing with the Statue of Liberty whilst being harassed by helicopters photo!

[A nod for the inspiration 20:02:09]

Tue 21:26:58


He's taking a big liberty.

Tue 21:01:33


It just looks wrong from my perspective

Tue 20:52:18



Tue 20:42:55


"Are you a Maine coon?"...."No, I'm from New York,and don't be so racist"

Tue 20:40:06


Photo courtesy of the New York Scratching Post

Tue 20:37:45


Give me your tabby, your puss,
your cuddly kittens yearning to born free.

Tue 20:36:52


Pussy cat pussy cat where have you been?
I’ve been to New York to look at Queens.
Pussy cat pussy cat how did you fair.
I chased Bill de Blasio around Madison Square.

Tue 20:35:51


The cat chew of liberty

Tue 20:34:33


Freakin' cats always have to push things of the table!

Tue 20:25:50


"Hi, is that Jackson Galaxy? Ok mate, let's see how good you really are..."

Tue 20:24:31


Another bloody cat. I'm going down the p.. Bugger!

Tue 20:22:37


Catue of liberty.

Tue 20:22:04



Tue 20:21:21


"Honey, I blew up the kit's"

Tue 20:17:29


New York feline

Tue 20:15:24


Mew York.

Tue 20:14:39



Tue 20:08:07


Taylor looked at his kids playing with the bicycle pump, and then at his beloved pet. "You finally really did it. You maniacs! You blew it up!"

Tue 20:07:34


The Statue of Liberkitty

Tue 20:03:26


Oh my Jeezus ..why is this site obsessed with cats and dogs ...its killing it people ...

Tue 20:02:09


Biden wins! And the cat in hell's chance comes out to play.

Tue 20:01:01


"This photo just appeared on Instagram! Is it fake, or is that actually happening right now!?"
"I'm not at Liberty to say."

Tue 20:00:45


Playing with fire.

Tue 20:00:41



Tue 20:00:22


Mogster film

Tue 20:00:09


The Goodies warned us about Kitten Kong.

Tue 20:00:08


Kitten Kong

Tue 20:00:05

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