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Poor thing, I found it dead on the beech.
Poor thing, I found it dead on the beech. photo | portfolio
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Poor thing, I found it dead on the beech.

Mon 20:10:59


"Your name vill also go on ze list! Vhat is it?"

"Don't tell him, Pike!"

Mon 20:00:30


Sadly, captioneers weren't quite finished with Tina from Doncaster.

Mon 20:00:07


There's something fishy about that tree.

Mon 20:00:09


There. I've attached this fish so that it swings in the wind like a weathervane. I call it a turn pike.

Tue 1:36:30


Climby Fish... er?

Mon 20:17:06


Its bite is worse than its bark

Mon 20:07:09


We're gonna need a bigger lawnmower.

Mon 20:05:44



Mon 20:03:32


Nobody was surprised when the young birch tree grew up to become a fishing rod.

Mon 21:14:23


My wood smells fishy in the morning too

Mon 21:12:04


"Pre-empting the ice caps melting, this pike swims freely through an orchard"

Mon 20:24:34


The Pike District

Mon 20:01:11



Tue 10:46:06


The singing fish... The Pogues edition

Tue 8:52:13



Tue 8:26:26


"Is that a pike?"

"No, it's a tree."

Tue 0:07:06


"I'm more than just a phenomenal swimmer Mr Einstein!"

Mon 22:18:53


" never seen a fish playing a round on a golf course before? For your information, I'm partnering the professional, Ernie Eels."

Mon 21:55:50


At the close of the fishing season and with the availability of groundbait at its lowest, Neville was forced by hunger to leave the safety of his drain and take up seasonal work with the local Forestry Commission..where he would be put to work keeping Fruit Weasel's away from young Apricot trees
This would earn him sufficient funds to purchase Pork Scratchings to feed his family whilst also protecting the very future of the Apricot Cider industry.

Mon 21:52:35


"It's among the strangest fish ever captioned."

Mon 21:47:32


“How did you know it was me captain Mainwaring? I came disguised as a tree just like you asked.”

Mon 21:07:59


A perch.

Mon 21:04:27


That Nicola Sturgeon gets everywhere.

Mon 20:54:30


That proud moment when your eldest sapling catches his first fish.

Mon 20:21:02


Cod moves in mysterious ways.

Mon 20:21:00


Well blow me, grandad told me fish grew on trees. I guess he was right.

Mon 20:20:34


🎵 Let's all do the Con ... 🎵
"Shut up."

Mon 20:18:16


You don’t want a pike up your trunks.

Mon 20:17:48


Green around the gills

Mon 20:12:41


Sharking up the wrong tree.

Mon 20:07:37


Tree of Plenty of Fish

Mon 20:07:28


The Hitchpiker's Guide to the Gala-tree

Mon 20:04:02


Went to one of those bloody posh garden parties yesterday, don't mind telling you I was a right fish out of water.

Mon 20:03:32


Fish Steaks

Mon 20:03:18


Orchard uses more aggressive harvesting methods this season with the new cherry-piker

Mon 20:03:04



Mon 20:02:38


"So, this is what fresh air tastes like."

Mon 20:02:04


Must have been caught on the Branch Line

Mon 20:02:00


"No! ..... Beach."

Mon 20:00:48



Mon 20:00:40


My wife said she bought her new purse with 1 single purpose in mind..."to keep your bloody hands out of it".

Mon 20:00:30


(Whisper) "This is one of Tom Daley's most difficult dives: the backward double somersault, triple twist, with pike."

Mon 20:00:26

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