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Roque fort
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Stephen Bean Vote score: 21106Stephen Bean

Roque fort

12/09/20 11:01:07

Chris Keegan Vote score: 11222Chris Keegan

I had a caption for this but it wasn't very mature.

12/09/20 11:20:45

Didn't age well? Not sharp enough? --Willie Johnson
Stephen Bean Vote score: 21106Stephen Bean

Cottage cheese

12/09/20 11:24:28

Stephen Bean Vote score: 21106Stephen Bean

The Tower of Babybel

12/09/20 11:00:09

Charles Gilbert Vote score: 1194Charles Gilbert

This is no gouda.

12/09/20 15:27:10

Michael Winner Vote score: 25591Michael Winner

Somehow, even though it makes no sense at any level, you just know that it's a metaphor for Brexit.

12/09/20 12:23:31

Stephen Bean Vote score: 21106Stephen Bean

I went to prepare myself a snack and saw this...

I think I'm having e-mmental breakdown.

12/09/20 11:44:38

When did the hallouminations begin? --Glyn Evans
Oliver Lindsay Vote score: 85Oliver Lindsay

"Hurry Geoffrey, our model train is coming soon!"

12/09/20 11:37:30

Sheila  Graham Vote score: 317Sheila Graham

A game of bat and mouse.

12/09/20 11:03:23

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