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The next day he received a John Deere letter.
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Scrijjy Doo Vote score: 6094Scrijjy Doo

The next day he received a John Deere letter.

30/07/20 11:14:48

Dave Bryan Vote score: 23567Dave Bryan

It was so sad. He dumped her just before the wedding.

30/07/20 11:00:22

Willie Johnson Vote score: 3893Willie Johnson

He found a way to a tractor.

30/07/20 11:03:36

Dave Bryan Vote score: 23567Dave Bryan

''Could you go a bit slower John, Deere.''

30/07/20 11:09:57

Tony Edwards Vote score: 36448Tony Edwards

He promised that he would make the earth move for her.

30/07/20 11:08:21

The Wolf Vote score: 16637The Wolf

This week on "˜Don't tell the bride', Dave blows the entire 10 grand budget on a collectable Star Wars toy on eBay. When asked if his bride would forgive him, he replied, "of course she will, I have an 8-inch cock".

30/07/20 11:01:03

I don't recall a Star wars character called 'Cock' --Mr Dome
Mr Dome  Vote score: 14753Mr Dome

The farmer of the bride

30/07/20 19:00:53

Vanessa  the Guesser Vote score: 18819Vanessa the Guesser

Well she did fall for his pickup lines.

30/07/20 11:02:43

Neil Mackenzie Vote score: 13864Neil Mackenzie

He'd put a lot of effort in, it had taken him two hours to clean the cow shit out of that bucket.

30/07/20 20:06:58

Anthony Smith Vote score: 122Anthony Smith

Wherever I go, she goes! She's my pride and joy and she's never let me down. She's just had a full service and new tyres!

30/07/20 16:19:05

Stephen Bean Vote score: 27034Stephen Bean

"She's my soil mate."

30/07/20 12:25:37

Al Overy Vote score: 14137Al Overy

My 600lb wife

30/07/20 11:51:24

Mark Wilson Vote score: 4746Mark Wilson

The bride wanted a horse and cart but the groom insisted on a more modern wedding

30/07/20 11:26:45

John  Glover Vote score: 22791John Glover

🎵 There's a hole in my bucket ...
"Stop that John, that's no way to think of your future wife."

30/07/20 12:15:51

The Wolf Vote score: 16637The Wolf

After her previous marriage was ruined by her groom mud wrestling with his best man on their wedding day, Katie was hoping for a more glamorous day this time"¦

30/07/20 11:02:56

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