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Chris Keegan Vote score: 14159Chris Keegan

From this moment onwards Tina stopped playing on trampolines.

06/07/20 19:15:34

Stephen Graham Vote score: 1127Stephen Graham

Under 18's look away - very giraffic image.

06/07/20 20:58:07

Karyn Harrison Vote score: 9185Karyn Harrison

She's a keeper.

06/07/20 19:18:20

Mark England Vote score: 21690Mark England

The black tongue, the taste of aniseed. Jane's just realised who's been stealing her Black Jacks

06/07/20 19:12:13

Dave Bryan Vote score: 29691Dave Bryan

The beginning of a very long neck-ing session.

06/07/20 19:00:44

Karyn Harrison Vote score: 9185Karyn Harrison

Kate's always had a taste for tall vegetarians.

06/07/20 19:44:43

Paul Reeve Vote score: 5854Paul Reeve

Damn thought Susan, if there had ever been a good time to be doing a handstand, it would have been now.

06/07/20 19:36:49

Giraffe would have been playing a game: "How long can you hold that handstand?" --Willie Johnson
  Smuldo Vote score: 11761 Smuldo

Giraffes-lick Park

06/07/20 19:22:22

Have a vote for the undoubtedly massive shoehorn you have --Mr Dome
Dan Nicholls Vote score: 18251Dan Nicholls

Bleurgh! Henry hates kissing smokers.

06/07/20 20:47:28

Crunchy Chords Vote score: 7971Crunchy Chords

Thuperglue. Ith juth not thunny anymore.

06/07/20 19:00:45

Crunchy Chords Vote score: 7971Crunchy Chords

Some Lick at Height

06/07/20 19:00:10

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