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U and I
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Tony Edwards Vote score: 35754Tony Edwards

U and I

22/09/20 12:41:35

Chris Keegan Vote score: 12055Chris Keegan

They had a boy. Greyam.

22/09/20 12:01:56

Sheila  Graham Vote score: 317Sheila Graham

They were drawn together.

22/09/20 21:04:59

Al Overy Vote score: 12564Al Overy

When you have to share a set of headphones but it's fine because you were a bit chilly anyway.

22/09/20 12:01:52

Stephen Bean Vote score: 23891Stephen Bean

"We're so happy our neck swap transplantation operation went well."

22/09/20 12:15:23

Al Overy Vote score: 12564Al Overy

The new 'Slapheads Support International' emblem was very touching.

22/09/20 12:00:51

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