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"Love, your dinners on the hob"
"Love, your dinners on the hob" photo | portfolio
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Vivvy En Vote score: 9798Vivvy En

"Love, your dinner's on the hob"

30/06/20 12:32:02

Dave Bryan Vote score: 21431Dave Bryan

''To be honest, Jane, I'm not that hungry.''

30/06/20 12:00:43

John  Glover Vote score: 22571John Glover

"George darling, I'm home, did you miss me while I was away?"

30/06/20 12:15:19

Chris Keegan Vote score: 12055Chris Keegan

Following 3 months of lockdown restaurants are delighted to reopen with social distancing being observed for health reasons. The kitchens will be operating as normal.

30/06/20 12:00:09

Stephen Bean Vote score: 23891Stephen Bean

Some people can't help spilling the beans.

30/06/20 12:49:19

Vivvy En Vote score: 9798Vivvy En

The Great British Bake On

30/06/20 12:40:35

James Lennox Vote score: 11531James Lennox

Jezuz Karyn, maybe take a day off captioning and wipe a dish cloth round your kitchen?

30/06/20 12:02:48

Would you care to explain what you mean here anon? Confused. And this is not my kitchen by the way.  --Karyn Harrison
Ian Skelding Vote score: 28565Ian Skelding

Come die with me.

30/06/20 12:43:24

Paul Reeve Vote score: 5854Paul Reeve

"That's all my fishing bait done darling, I've given the cooker a good clean , but knowing how fussy you are you may want to run a cloth over it again."

30/06/20 12:20:53

Mark Wilson Vote score: 4658Mark Wilson

Dave, you do know this Cillit Bang hob cleaner works better when the spray bottle nozzle is in the "on" position

30/06/20 14:02:03

Rachel P Vote score: 2304Rachel P

"I know it's short notice, but Mother's on her way round for a quick bite"
"No worries, I'm sure I can scrape something together!"

30/06/20 13:20:59

Flo . Vote score: 226Flo .

Ready Steady....Fuck....look at the state of that.

30/06/20 12:38:18

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