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They didnt want to jump but they succumbed to pier pressure.
They didnt want to jump but they succumbed to pier pressure. photo | portfolio
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They didn't want to jump but they succumbed to pier pressure.

Sun 20:28:58


Lemmington Spa

Sun 20:00:11


"Hey guys, I only coughed once!"

Sun 20:00:10


Scotsman loses 20p in Clyde.

Sun 20:33:59


There's still much fun to be had whilst staying precisely two metres apart.

Sun 20:00:51


The choir are off quay.

Sun 22:01:45


It was a spectacular response to just a single parp from Dave’s backside.

Sun 20:54:29


"They must've seen Cats the Musical"

Sun 20:50:30



It's impossible to enjoy a gay nudist beach in the North East when it's Stag Do season...

Sun 20:46:54


Scientists are close to understanding why women live longer than men.

Sun 20:38:27


A leap in the Dart

Sun 20:36:43


Dynamo's world famous walking on water goes completely unnoticed in the background?

Sun 20:06:55


They say they're following the science.

Sun 22:25:07


With our new group rates, you can't afford not to kill yourself.

Sun 22:23:47


Civilization Falls

Sun 22:21:09


Alcatraz soon lost it's inescapable claim.

Sun 22:06:11


Synchronised Dave-ing

Sun 21:53:56


Hey guys, when I said take a long walk on a short pier....

Sun 21:09:00


Piers. Always worth a watch as his guests fall into deep water.

Sun 20:52:26


On an Easter day out to a Durham beach, Dominic Cummings quips to his mate-
"Look at the working class chavs. You know I sent out a government tweet this morning, saying the best way to avoid catching covid-19 was to jump in the sea. Let me just get a shot of this for Boris, he'll be hysterical."

Sun 20:44:55


Must be a leap here

Sun 20:35:02


Gormley's latest statues were a bit more animated than the last lot.

Sun 20:30:13


"If they're not 'on the drink', they're 'in the drink'."

Sun 20:29:00


Escape from Alcatraz

Sun 20:27:18


"Forget them Dave...just finish the handjob"

Sun 20:26:53


flickr book

Sun 20:26:29


"Kevin must be coming up the jetty, he's just joined the Jehovah's witnesses."

Sun 20:21:26


The Jettysons

Sun 20:16:08


Don't try to harbour immigrants

Sun 20:15:19


News just leaked out in Wallsend that Greggs is about to reopen

Sun 20:14:21


"That's Neil Ferguson, Catherine Calderwood and that could be Dominic Cummings next, what do you think?"

Sun 20:10:33


"So what? I once jumped off a Cliff" said Sue Barker.

Sun 20:10:32


The Scoutmaster standing underneath, arranged this dangerous challenge so he could see for himself who had the balls to do it.

Sun 20:10:11


Pier Odd Drama

Sun 20:07:54


Caution! Low flying aircraft

Sun 20:05:39


"Yes, mom, if all my friends jumped off a wall, I would too. Why do you ask?"

Sun 20:03:18


I never remember seeing any bankers doing this when the recession hit in 2008. Why was that? - Oh yeah, some were already swimming in money.

Sun 20:03:07


Silly wet

Sun 20:02:32


"No, try again, it's YMCA, not MCYA."

Sun 20:01:52


Paul... George... Ringo... and John Lemming

Sun 20:00:21

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