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"Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" "Oh, Jane...tell me you havent"
"Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" "Oh, Jane...tell me you havent" photo | portfolio
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"Oh, Jane...tell me you haven't"

Sun 8:31:34


"Then they go at 157 mph and come to an instant stop, slicing them into tiny cubes."
"You're fired".

Sun 11:55:05


The government were forced to deny they'd made clandestine budget cuts upon the opening of HS2.

Sun 11:51:10


The new open ride for kids through the tiger sanctuary was becoming very popular amongst frustrated parents

Sun 11:24:03


"No Jenny, I meant the roller coaster looks a bit rickety, not you...but now you mention it..."

Sun 10:12:37


"Now kids, we're having today's physics lesson here because there isn't enough space at the school for small class sizes. If you hear some sawing noises don't be alarmed, it's just Mr Jefferies with his woodwork class..."

Sun 9:27:46


''Will you take me on the Tunnel of Love next?''

''Sorry, I can't afford it. I'm in Dire Straits.''

Sun 9:26:40


She wanted to ride on the big dipper and he wanted to take her in the tunnel of love

Sun 9:20:56


''How long is it before we reach the coal face?''

Sun 9:00:27


''Shall we try the caterpillar next?''

''I'd rather have a candyfloss. They give me indigestion.''

Sun 8:27:09


"See mum, I told you it was OK to ignore that maximum height warning ... Mum?"

Sun 8:26:46


"We've waited this you think they'll ever start this ride? - I mean we've been here since March, that has to count for something"

Sun 8:19:58


You know what they say - white knuckle, brown pants ...

Sun 15:28:26


Love coasters, hate little rings on the coffee table ...

Sun 15:23:32


ICE goes mobile.

Sun 14:05:42


well I think we're both really brave considering how bad everyone else was screaming on that loop the loop bit.

Sun 12:36:26


Here is a picture of my sister and I taking a fence.

Sun 12:08:34


"The Alton Towers Smiler ride's coming to the end Boss."
"Third time lucky eh?"

Sun 10:09:31


Business is booming shouted the mobile psychiatrist from way back there somewhere

Sun 9:16:36


Runaway Jane

Sun 9:05:58


The sign had been misprinted “Minors Only”

Sun 9:04:10


This is us when we met 47 years ago. It's had its ups and downs.

Sun 8:54:00


Week 11 of lockdown...

" Well it was great that we touched lucky, and your mum had the kids at the start of the lockdown. Meaning she had to keep them with her. Remember phoning her, as the kids were on the fair, and telling her they were her responsibility for the next three months."

Sun 8:53:46


Seeing as there was no competition, at 8:12:42 the two Captioneers decided to head off to the funfair.

Sun 8:12:42


''We're the only people on the ride.''

''That's why it's called the ghost train.''

Sun 8:10:38


One great thing about the pandemic are the short wait times at all of the amusement parks.

Sun 8:07:03

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