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"You bought them cheap from a mate of yours at the cricket club, whats that awful musty smell?"
"You bought them cheap from a mate of yours at the cricket club, whats that awful musty smell?" photo | portfolio
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"You bought them cheap from a mate of yours at the cricket club, what's that awful musty smell?"

new entrySun 12:22:07


I love these Silent But Deadly films

new entrySun 12:56:33


Edward and Mrs Simpson never did like the smell of poor people.

new entrySun 12:02:14


Twin Beaks

new entrySun 12:19:56


''What a marvellous idea of yours to wear nose cones, darling. I can hardly smell the common people at all.''

new entrySun 12:02:08


No, it's nothing to do with the virus - we just don't want everyone to know that we had a fight last night.

new entrySun 12:00:06


When sex games go wrong

new entrySun 18:43:23


After they cut off his ear in 'Reservoir Dogs,' he sold them to me cheap

new entrySun 15:27:22


The last time I sneezed, my ears ended up in the gutter

new entrySun 15:12:58


It's easy to remember darling, on for smog, off for snog.

new entrySun 12:22:30


''Both of us are worried that we may have the Coronavirus.''


''Because we can't smell anything.''

new entrySun 12:17:32


We ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice chiant

new entrySun 18:47:28


Do you think we'll get through the security with this disguise?

new entrySun 18:43:54


You're not fooling anyone with your fancy hats and coats. We know it's you, Minnie and Mickey.

new entrySun 18:11:04


Yes right, we are love birds

new entrySun 18:10:30


They decided next time not to buy cheap face masks from china

new entrySun 17:45:19


Perhaps we should have taken the chocolate balls out of the yogurt pots before turning them into masks

new entrySun 16:22:53


Diagnosis : nasally retentive

new entrySun 15:21:39


"Darling, why do we have to wear these silly masks?"
"F*ck nose."

new entrySun 13:00:42


Fortunately for the NHS, wearing masks didn't put off Captain Tom's parents from a bit of rumpy pumpy.

new entrySun 12:53:15


The fancy dress party brief was to dress relating to your surname, Mr and Mrs Stones were going as catapults.

new entrySun 12:40:25


''We've given you some PPE. Now stop moaning and get back in the operating theatre.''

new entrySun 12:25:09


Dominic Cummings spotted in County Durham.

new entrySun 12:23:04


Covert 19

new entrySun 12:22:59



new entrySun 12:22:46


Edward denied that Mrs Simpson had come to get her snout in the trough.

new entrySun 12:15:43


"I don't trust them. They look like moles to me."

new entrySun 12:13:51


It's the old bill

new entrySun 12:05:07


Toucan play that game.

new entrySun 12:02:05


For some reason Covid-19 was still rife in Ireland.

new entrySun 12:02:03


No-one nose who we are

new entrySun 12:01:30


Snout and About

new entrySun 12:00:45


Advert for the Pete Doherty nosebag.

new entrySun 12:00:33


"Hello Dragons. I'm Daniella Westbrook and I'd like £100,000 for a 10% stake in these, my septum truss invention."

new entrySun 12:00:25


bonnie and clyde up infront of the beak

new entrySun 12:00:15


I masking who nose why?

new entrySun 12:00:13

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