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🎡 Putting on the Itts 🎡
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🎡 Putting on the Itt's 🎡

new entryMon 20:02:52

Feel daft, what does itt’s mean? --Karen Oakenfull

Lockdown - Day 264: Wearing a hat to hide the state of my hair

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new entryMon 20:00:42


The perfect disguise for lockdown Cummings and goings.

new entryMon 20:00:13


The is me in lockdown...

Can't nod because if I do I'll fall over.

new entryMon 21:01:57


Lockdown - Day 267: Grew my hair long to draw attention away from my amateurish baton twirling.

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new entryMon 20:48:51


The Abominable Showman

new entryMon 20:29:14


Cousin Itt's guide to growing your own PPE.

new entryMon 20:00:52


"Keep an eye on him, we lost a bubblegum machine last week."

new entryMon 21:08:48


Day 268 - Lockdown over. Don't know what to do with myself.

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new entryMon 20:54:47


Fred Asthair

new entryMon 20:50:18


Lockdown - Day 266: Twirling a cane to draw attention from me wearing sunglasses indoors.

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new entryMon 20:46:51


Lockdown - Day 265: Wearing sunglasses to draw attention away from my silly hat.

[Obvious nod 20:00:42]

new entryMon 20:31:42


OK! Magazine exclusive: Elton John's lovechild with world's hairiest majorette.

new entryMon 20:16:35


It was finally time to face his nemesis; the gum ball machine

new entryMon 20:11:17


Cousin It also known as Grizzly Adams.

new entryMon 20:02:44


"I'm actually quite happy going months without a haircut, it suits my trademark unkempt look," said Boris.

new entryMon 20:01:15


What's the tIttfer?

new entry0:29:18


I will neither shave nor cut my hair until Dominic Cummings apologises and resigns

new entryMon 22:17:12


Elton John's taking these hair transplants too far now

new entryMon 22:03:00


Due to lockdown the other 3 quit but Dave is still keeping the barber shop quartet going

new entryMon 21:51:27


(Nod to all the nodders, and my long haired lover from Liverpool)

new entryMon 21:50:53


The rumours that Bruce Forsythe's old house is haunted appear to be true.

new entryMon 21:24:23


"Time for bed Dougal."

new entryMon 21:06:18


He's been putting on too much Wash and Grow.

new entryMon 21:05:06


🎡 I'm singing in Regaine 🎡

(Nod 20:50:18)+(20:38:05)

new entryMon 21:04:15


"Mum, my teacher want's to see you about my lack of school uniform."

new entryMon 20:58:31


"I'm sorry love, you may want to 'Gimme all your lovin' but lockdown hasn't been kind to you"

new entryMon 20:56:57


This is actually Itt's brother, Mo. Commonly known as Mo Hirsute

new entryMon 20:55:55


"You didn't wash off the glue before you played with the dog."

"How did you guess?"

new entryMon 20:43:58


A Rogaine salesman getting all wrapped up in his work.

new entryMon 20:38:05


''I don't have time to use a shampoo and a conditioner.''

new entryMon 20:32:31


Three years old and never had a haircut.

new entryMon 20:30:23


On no!, It has come again

new entryMon 20:28:29


"It's not easy to get this look. It took me hours to straighten my pubes."

new entryMon 20:26:24


That Tommy gun goes well with those Bangs.

new entryMon 20:25:44


Anon in lockdown

new entryMon 20:24:08


It's . . .

new entryMon 20:23:52


Itt'll be alright on the night.

new entryMon 20:19:32


Damn hippies!

new entryMon 20:18:10


''Hello, Watson.''

''Amazing, the troll under the bridge was you all the time, Holmes.''

new entryMon 20:14:35


Hair (musical)

new entryMon 20:14:03


Showbiz Troll

new entryMon 20:07:33


Son and hair to the Adams family fortune.

new entryMon 20:05:22


Turns out Cousin IT was a ginger, but by the time we had Technicolor he had gotten a haircut and a clown face and called himself Pennywise.

new entryMon 20:04:18


Most popular hairstyle, 2021.

new entryMon 20:00:31


This photo is it

new entryMon 20:00:28


"I wish those clippers from Amazon would hurry up and arrive."

new entryMon 20:00:13


unfortunately it's not coming from my wife's head

new entryMon 20:00:09

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